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Jld stamp yeah and and i hope like entertainment tonight hires her or access hollywood right there that one go um step back not kit but the other lady that was there for a long time so i go were they get tired at nails who places okay angelina jolie in case you're wondering julia people is reporting that teacher angelina is overseen the language of music lessons of her six kids as their home schooled uh but she stays away from their math in english that you'll understand than any mom overseas at because you hire the person you tell him with the agenda as yeah so she's just like everyone else but liu into so many different languages being top net how okay shilo is learning the cambodian language packs is learning vietnamese because he knows how to do cambodian right maddox is learning german and russian can the hara is of getting fluent in french and vivian end is learning arabic knox's learning sign language summit do not smart that is because the mind can just pick it up so much and once you learn one language when you're young you can do that would be awesome i mean i always would kind of regret that in and have my kids go to spanish immersion score french immersion because it be so great to be will die literal add because casey heaviest go kids go to a spanish immersion school and those two of nor luis bunuel they're not even we petito we got gotta keep unido chief yes you do you how you deal with against hagan spanish and have had to do it in college as well yes none of it about my older brother.

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