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With large staff. I need to make everyone feel comfortable, and I also want to ensure customers that come in that they know that their server bartender host Has been vaccinated so that they feel more comfortable. But I'm gonna have to educate my staff and let them know you know how vital this is And even though most of my staff were in their twenties, and they have not been effective, I covet neither understand that the implications that if they were to get it or if they were, in fact someone else in older than them. Friend of the program. Lake Street Taverns, Chris few slight. Thank you, Chris. We appreciate it. Have a great day, Guys. Thank you to eight o'clock. We got the news ahead. The driver right now we're checking in with John south on. I 25 approaching 84th. That pressure's got your back to back to 120 of now. You're it's in the left lane. By the way, the H O V Lane, the Express Lane. You drive on eastbound. I 70 getting a little better. You're still backed up from Sheridan. But things are starting to loosen. Now they cleared that crash on eastbound. I 70 at Steel Vasquez downtown. A busy Dr North bound. I 25 in the bedspread Sports traffic center. That's Always causing problems. It looks like it is out of there. It was that Colfax in the left lane, but you're better. It's still heavy from Santa Fe, but not totally jammed in, but I'm seeing things really jam up on that South bound. I 25 Dr coming down past university. That's probably sun glare in your way breaks loose for you. Once you get down to the Texan, and some found 2 to 5 heavy getting into the text there to speak in the sun glare. As far as I know, he's found I 70 is still closed. Eastbound as you make your way past the bottom of Floyd Hill Mile Marker. 2 44, US six. The Blackhawk exit. This reporter's Wants My Windows Breakfast two for four. Have you been wronged by bad breakfast? Get a breakfast you deserve with Wendy's breakfast. Two for four. Pick two fresh breakfast sandwiches for just four bucks.

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