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It one call. That's all sports desk Here is Greg Matt see the very strange last 24 hours for Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdas Scant. Ling says he's never feared for his life with social media death threats following Sunday's loss to the Colts. NVs fumble the ball in the second offensive play for the Packers in overtime. Allowing Indianapolis to win with a field goal gives college the right to say whatever they want with no consequences. And so I guess that's one of those things that you know, with this professional ran You know, you gotta take the you know, take it for what it is. Don't let it affect you with a record of seven and three the Packers on a two game lead over their next opponent. The Chicago Bears for the top spot in the NFC North Division Week. 11 of the NFL season wraps up tonight in Tampa. With the Buccaneers facing the six and three Los Angeles Rams. The season is over for Bengals quarterback Phil Burrow. Rookie top overall pick as a tourney ZL Tourney M C L an additional structural damage in his knee. The collection of injuries means playing next season. Also in question. Address. Football team drops eight spots down to number 18 and the latest AP Top 25. Northwestern Moves up eight spots to number 11 After Saturday's win over you. W Paul Christs Badgers take on Minnesota's Saturday in the annual battle for Paul Bunyan's access Challenge this week. Guys. I did look forward to that, You know, I mean, they got competitive group as well. And so I think they got to go out there and trust what they've been doing and how to do it back to the Packers. Real quick, John. Approximately 500 people will be in the stands for Sunday night's game at Lambeau between the Packers and Bears. This is not a season ticket holders. This is a small group of Packers employees and household family members are trying to work through and evaluate covert 19 protocols. So the mechanism of getting about 500 into the stands somehow into trying to evaluate if they can take this a little bit further, so they're keeping the Group relatively intimate, not sure how much noise they will make on Sunday, But there will be some bodies in the stance may be a first step. Thanks, Greg. It's for 47 commercials on TV. They're depicting people sitting around tables really crowded. Taco Bell with an interesting ad. What That means what our advertisers thinking about during the pandemic and Thanksgiving. That's up next on.

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