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They declare the president is disabled, and I think if it's a case like a coma, that's really what it was designed for in. I don't think there would be much trouble there. So that part's reality the fantasy is well, the president is making weird decisions, and is is everything. Alright, psychologically, and we're not sure whether he's really thinking through this away, a rational person would Mike Hayden is made the case very well in his writings and speeches. This president is different than all others in that. He doesn't seem to base his decisions on objective reality. Something that's important to this podcast. Is you make decisions based on truth? And this president doesn't seem to do that. It's more instinctive. It's more. It's more gut reaction decision making. Well, is that a disability? According to the terms of the twenty fifth amendment. Some people have argued absolutely from day. One many people say you can't read that into it. That's where I think the fantasy is because the people least likely to judge. Well, his decisions are just kind of weird. The people least likely to say he needs to be kicked out are the vice president and the cabinet because it's going to look like a coup, and there's no way around that. So yes reality if there's a physical disability that makes the president unable to function it's a fantasy to believe that Mike Pence and a majority of the cabinet now. I did mention other bodies such that congress could designate that was in there. It's possible. Congress could designate itself as the body that has to have a majority vote to go along with the vice president it's possible they could create a group of doctors to be that group. But the one thing they can't get rid of his vice President Mike Pence has to say this president is unable to do the duties of the office. I don't see a scenario where that happens absent some kind of massive physical injury. Just look. And how many members of Donald Trump's cabinet have been willing to withstand incredible Beauce and stick it out. They'll just stay in their job. No matter what Donald Trump hurls, it them publicly insults them because at the end of the day, Donald Trump chose them. So do you really turn around and say, oh, this person who chose me for really really super powerful position?.

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