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Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee here with you gave will not be here today. He has a game tonight. We have a short show Rockies on deck at five thirty because the Rockies are gonna win tonight in phone lines. Open three zero three seven one three eight five eight five if the Rockies win tonight, they clinch at least a playoff berth, partial playoff berth Lee. Yeah. At least a wildcard minimum. So if they win tonight, but lose the other two than they played Tuesday night. And then if they win out they played Thursday night. Yeah. You still got to wait to see what happens because the dodgers win tonight and lose the next two, and they're still there. No, west champs this text messages at the Rockies win in the dodgers live tonight. We have a chance to clinch the division tomorrow. Yes. Yeah. Well, that's true. Okay. Within another win and another dodgers lost. We have to see what the dodgers do. And from the text line. Rick the Vikings have a tougher schedule than the Broncos so far they would be Owen for if they had keenum with the way he's playing Minnesota Vikings fan. Yes. All right. I think you've got to be a little disappointed though, the in one two and one Super Bowl caliber team. And you went out and spend all that money. I don't know. Just saying. President Trump agreed to open limited FBI investigation into accusations against judge Cavanaugh. So that happened today. So they're going to go another week with that in the B is gonna do another background check and see what they come up with do. You know, it wasn't too long ago. That they used to confirm the supreme court justices unanimously the last time that happened was nine hundred eighty eight. Why did that change? It's just gotten so contentious politics gotten so crazy. But yeah. Nineteen thousand eight hundred eighty eight that was a Reagan nomination Justice Kennedy who just retired. He got confirmed unanimously. Interesting. It is interesting. How things have changed so much? So let's we'll take some phone calls here in text line, by the way is five six six nine zero Derek Wolfe. Emmanuel Sanders supposed to join us as well. And we go to Bob what's up? Hey, I was just listening to you guys. And I think that should be that would be great opening Led Zeppelin. Tune in the name escapes me. Break the monotony of all the politics going on back to the cheese burger saying place down in canyon city called the Al. Hey, I think I've been there one time. Okay. Yeah. Longtime ago, well, and you as a musician would no you don't know. I think the guy flash Cadillac his family owns that place. I didn't know. Yeah. Are you calling from the springs? I am. Okay. Yeah. I've been there one time. I forget, I I might have went to saliva. Good burger place in saliva not that I know of it's just the Al is an old school down there. They cook them and serve them to you in the old Gracie sack. They give them to. Again. Is it right across from the prison. No, no. It's downtown. Okay. The navy? I haven't been there in canyon city. There was a place across from the prison. And I think I stopped there. And I thought that was the owl maybe not now this was an old cigar bar way. Back in the day. It was an all man's club. But obviously they've opened that back. You know what? I mean. Yeah. Yeah. I know what you mean breaks up the monotony of all the politics politics. Let's let that go for a little bit politics socks. Bob, burgers are the best gentlemen's club. Bob. He said it was a gentleman's club. He's at all men's Clements club. Oh, thirty minutes. No because there's all men's clothes, but a gentlemen's club is strippers, right? Cigar bar still really a thing. Like is there like one in each town? Maybe no, there's it's a thing. More than one. You mean in the whole city Denver once ago mother wasn't bar just a bar where people smoke cigars are is it like hanging out hanging out and they sell cigars, and it's like a thing there's more than one more than one. But is that still how many of your friends go? Oh, we're going to Scarborough tonight. Zero probably have a couple couple of buddies that love cigars. Hey, what's this? What is that? Oh that right there. Rick Lewis is called a news paper newspaper. Yes, sir. Who put it in front of you? What? Twitter and Facebook, except it's got the news from yesterday yesterday and the day before. Okay. I haven't seen a newspaper in a long time. I quit getting the newspaper years ago. And I don't think I've read one it's got to be eight or ten years. I kind of like reading the newspaper though, and drinking coffee. You want to read yesterday's news. Go ahead and take it. All right. Four forty seven. John morrissey..

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