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Nineteen Fifty-three woman convicted in her boyfriend suicidal have to start serving time. She continues her appeal show Carter's defense to stay for fifteen months sentence for her rolling Conrad. Roy the third suicide would continue while she appealed Carter's attorney Joseph Cataldo, saying even as Massachusetts highest court denied that effort we fully intend to file an appeal with the United States Supreme court within the next ninety days, but a state trial judge sided with prosecutors who say Carter's jail terms should begin. Now allows the komo's motion to vote the state of sentence. The defense had argued that Carter was not actively involved in Roy's, death and should not be held accountable. Grenell? Scott, Fox News. The Illinois attorney general asking the state supreme court to order a new sentence for the white Chicago officer who fatally shot black teenager. Liquan McDonald Kwami rolls says he asked for a court order that was send Jason Van Dyke bath to the trial. Judge teachers walking the picket line in Denver, Colorado. The big thing in the Denver teacher fight is pay. The teachers union wants to stop with performance based pay through something called the pro comp system. He said hasn't really helped lower income students that much and it's come at the expense of everyone's salaries overall Denver district superintendent Susannah Cordova said, the pro comp system is complicated. But she doesn't want to get rid of it entirely. If we did we'd give up thirty three million dollars. And that's not something that I would ever want to do the teachers say something's gotta give unfortunately, you know, after fifteen.

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