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Buried in earned that was dusted in a layer of Doritos and just gives you're wondering while he didn't seem to mind the blazin buffalo or pizzas supreme, or even the third degree burns scorching have narrow flavors according to a Washington Post article. He took one bite of the late night, all nighter cheeseburger, Doritos, and had to spin them out. Actually saw that Washington Post eulogy, and I like the way it ended. I think it said ashes to ashes crunch to crunch. All right. So we've got ships Wales and to snack food geniuses. How about we tackle something a little more? I don't know conniving. So let's think about things that were buried out of spite or I don't know less than pure intentions mango. You got one. Yeah, actually do. So I, I don't know if you remember this in two thousand eight, the New York Yankees management presided over an excavation ceremony where they dug up a David Ortiz, Red Sox jersey. Apparently this construction worker from the Bronx secretly Verda under two and a half feet of concrete all in the hopes that would lead to a new Yankees curse. And how would the Yankees find out about this? Well, apparently to his fellow workers, read them out, but the Yankees organization cleaned up the shirt and send it to Boston with a t shirt of their own and and the jersey and the shirt were actually auctioned for charity. Oh, at least it has a happy ending. All right, Gabe. What do you have. Just kind of funny to me, but in nineteen seventy eight from kids were playing in the mud and the backyard of a house in LA and they were kinda, you know, digging around when they uncovered something shiny. So they kept digging and eventually coffee cop because it turned out had found Ferrari. Oh, my. About this. I'm surely we're initially the car only had five hundred miles on it, and it was worth about twenty k. at the time. But sadly the kids didn't get to keep it. And I don't even think they got a finders fee. The whole thing was apparently in insurance and the guy would have got away with it. But you know the s. e. meddling kid. So the car would ultimately sent back to the insurance company, who would you know already paid out good money for it to the owner of Dory, though the car had a happy afterlife this. It was auctioned off to a guy named Brad Howard, and he ended up having a car registered with the license place. It said dug up. Podcast listeners, it's mango. And I wanted to tell you about Kosei by lutron..

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