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This should be about science and not politics still with us. Former massachusetts governor jane swift. And gary daphne executive director of the multicultural aids coalition and we are shifting gears. Here we're gonna talk about a bunch of policy starting with policing and i want to talk about the release of the report on patrick rose. Yesterday does the release of the report from the city of boston. Encourage you about police reform because it's out there or does it discourage you about police reform because it found that the police could and should have done more one eight hundred four. Two three eight to five is the number to join the conversation. That's one eight hundred four to three talk. Gary reactions to the report's findings yesterday. Well i think it was important that they you know issue. These findings To me what's more important is the broader recommendations of the police reform. What this is. This is one of the recommendations that they have more transparency about what police policemen's activities But i you know. I think because it's such a heinous crime if you will That it garners a lot of attention And maybe overshadows the that is a much broader picture here much bigger issue with the police department and all police departments that we need to be focusing on which is police reform overall And i have to say. I think that the same same sort of cancerous wall of silence that allowed us to happen is the saying thing that allows policemen to get away with assaulting and killing black and brown people around the country. Not that that has happened here but now it's the same problem that we've got to fix so jane. This question of transparency versus opacity is part of. What's at the heart here. I i. I wanna play a little bit of sound acting mayor kim janey talking about one of the recommendations that came out in the report to strengthen oversight i will file an amendment to the opioid ordinance requiring ep to notify. Oh pat of criminal charges brought against officers. Okay so a lot of letters there so let me just clarify oh. Pat is the office police accountability and transparency. It is new. This year came from the police. Reform task force at the city of boston did last year. And what she's saying is somebody would actually now need to know somebody. With oversight responsibility would need to know if an officer has been charged with criminal charges. That is a technical response to this situation and obviously one that the office feels is necessary..

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