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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning and happy fourth of July number of events going on to celebrate the holiday today among them a parade just getting under way in Plano okay are all these Kristin why so is there to help set the scene Kristin yeah and Scott I'm here at the corner of the fifteenth and independence parkway in Plano where I'm standing I can just see all the colors coming down the street here so it looks as though the parade is just about to start we are all a little bit maybe midway on this route so we should probably get to see most of these floats up first of the people here on everyone you know that I've spoken to this morning is is really excited to be here as some of come out for the first time out with their kids to introduce them to the parade others have been coming for upwards of twenty years they say as long as the parade I has been here in Plano they say they've been here so are some of the kids I've talked to today and told me they're just really excited to see of the floats in the parade to eat some hamburgers and see fireworks tonight others say that this is a really special day of course to celebrate America in independence and they're just excited to see all these other people out here I was celebrating too so and I everybody of course it's got different plans for today some plan to just to hang out by the pool grow out and of course most everyone plans to see fireworks later tonight reporting live in Plano Kristin Wiesel newsradio ten eighty KRLD sorry Kristin thank you while you while you are traveling to your fourth of July celebration make sure you are safe on the roadways.

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