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And bowling the Chelsea owner has said he favors a north south All-Star Game. In English football like they have in the NBA. Just given the. That's a way long. Oh, great. When he finds a date for that, you can call me. And he forgets that in the big sports in America, these players have four month breaks. So they're quite happy that they can do a little bit of sport in these breaks. It's completely different in football. Does he want to bring Harlem globetrotters as well? And let them play against the football team. It's a free I'm surprised by the question, so please don't judge my answers to it too much, but maybe you can explain it to me at one point and find it a proper date. And then, yeah. Not sure what people want to see that, but imagine that united players Liverpool players Everton players altogether in one team. It's not the national team. It's just a northwest and northwestern northeast together. It's a new castle. Interesting game. And on the long run guys together, arsenal Tottenham, great. Did you really say it? Interesting. You know, the thing I love the most about Klopp's speech was that Jurgen admitted that an Everton player could make the all star team and for a moment. I forgot about how much I hated the idea and my little chest, popped out in pride. Oh, Nathan Patterson all star has such a nice ring about it. Next question. Hey Raj, this is Bethany calling from Charlotte, North Carolina, by way of Columbus, Ohio, spiritual home of dosa sero. I'm a proud supporter of the U.S. men's national team, U.S. women's national team and the red side of the Liverpool. So don't hold it against me. I'd love for you to settle a debate in our House. My husband and I have been going back and forth about what would you call the act of continuously watching replays of stellar performances and many of the Champions League, English Premier League. And other sporting events that we've watched over the last couple of weeks. We were thinking something in line with the league's use of roster baiting. Can we hear your thoughts? Love the pod, love all the content. Love you as April. Courage. Great pass performances. Bethany, as an Everton fan, don't do it because Dante, I think, was the genuine quote about how there's no greater sorrow than to be mindful of the happy time in misery, which is a life truth. My God, but I say that in the week in which you've all just watched erling Alan score that goal, the one meeting the incredible Coachella cross with the outside of his fort with a touch with the outside of his foot, the married ballet and taekwondo in equal measure, a goal that was so slash that the Ibrahim pet went out of his way to make sure the world knew that it actually reminded him of Johan Cruyff. The question is, how do you stop a man who barely touches a ball? I think he scored one goal for every 12 touches he's had of it, but when he does, he's guaranteed to blow up the game like a grenade with its pin out. We will find out tomorrow morning, 7 30 am Eastern Time, as wolves, face Manchester City, again, possibly of two strikers. Yes, Diego Costa's return to the Premier League is imminent. It's almost 34. There are ten which was announced in a spectacular video. Go and look at it online, which for the first ten seconds made it seem as if wolves had signed Hannibal lecter, but then proceeded to reveal that it was Diego Costa actually someone much, much scarier than aforementioned Hannibal lecter. DA go is going to need a few weeks to gain match fitness dude's not played in 8 months. But it would be no surprise if Bruno larger flung him onto the failed for his team that had been all too blunt. Manchester City talking about flinging. They will chuck a land at that old go back line, like a dead horse carcass, flung from a trebuchet during a siege, but almost be more surprising if erling doesn't score than if he does gent. With gloating postgame, but there's achievement against Dortmund. Early 1990, the space there, obviously, they clearly know how to stop you if when they can. I mean, they defended very well. They didn't stop me. But Norwegian wood. Roger, I am squeezing every last drop of sunshine out of these final days of summer, golf, tennis, outdoor workouts. Indoor not workouts with a book and some room the whatever you're doing to enjoy these final days of summer digital piece all birds tree runner is the perfect sneaker lightweight breathable and silky soft rod these have been my go to shoe this summer and work for essentially all Devo related activities. I was initially drawn to this beauty is because I'm both an amateur or mythologist and a believer in the sneaker nominative determinism. But I'm all in now because as you mentioned Dave, these are lightweight and believable and I hate sweaty feet can't have it won't have it and all bird

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