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Lost their lives with their families. President Trump reaches out after six people die in hurricane Michael. Now, it's about helping the victims the only people getting into Panama City tonight, our utility crews and first responders police and national guard have set up roadblocks checkpoints are the major highways into the city telling people who evacuated you can't go home yet. Fox's Rick Leventhal report says Turks have told the US they have audio recordings that prove the Saudis murder journalist Jamal kashogi Senator dick Durbin says President Trump needs to demand answers from Saudi Arabia. We also have intelligence traffic has been disclosed publicly. Let suggested we knew they were up to kidnapping him on returning him to Saudi Arabia for punishment or worse. The Washington Post reports say the recordings contain sounds Khashoggi's, torture and murder. This is Fox News. Mark Stewart addresses, Connecticut issues, the budget Thaba, we'll tweak things I Mark Stewart will overhaul them we need an overhaul, but establishment politicians can't do it. We need an independent candidate. And yes, we can get rid of an income tax in three years Connecticut's problems, all stemmed from government. But government is the easiest thing to change. It just takes will. I'm an optimist. We can end welfare we can get back to the budgets of one thousand nine hundred eighties with zero income taxes and the highest incomes in the nation helped me make that change. You have the will. I Mark Stewart and your servant to carry out that will win a big party politicians won't stop paying people who don't wanna work stopped showering benefits, state employees were not as dedicated as the private workforce as Bernini people. I make welfare better private funding helps needy people more than relying on an unreliable state paid for by Stewart. For liberty. I'm Mark Stewart and I approve this message Seymour Stewart for liberty dot.

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