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Filed through the crowded mosque in Dearborn to view, the five caskets of the family. From northville killed in that fiery weekend crash on I seventy five in Kentucky. Forty two year old Sam Abbass a real estate agent and lawyer his wife, Dr Reema Abbass their three children Ali Isabella and Giselle killed by that wrong way. Driver who slammed into them on. I seventy five driving the wrong way. They forty one year old driver was thought to have been drunk. He was killed to the funeral for the five Abbass family. Members will be today at the Islamic center in Dearborn the former top drinking water regulator of the state health department has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor in the Flint water investigation. She got a break. Leeann Scheckter Smith was facing felony charges, including involuntary manslaughter for the Flint lead tainted water and outbreak of legionnaires Smith pleaded no contest to disturbance of a lawful meeting and agreed to testify against others. If necessary seven. People now resolved their cases with misdemeanor. Plea bargains. Donald Trump will address the nation on immigration. This is the partial government shutdown continuation and the battle over the wall. Here's correspondent John Laurence. President Trump in prime time he'll discuss immigration in a national address tonight democratic representatives, Jerry Nadler of New York says his standards are low. I expect the president to lie to the American people. Why do we expect this because he has been lying to the American people and his spokespeople continue life. The American people. Vice President Mike Pence says the Trump administration is checking to see if it can bypass congress and declare a national emergency to shift money to pay for a border wall. I'm John Lawrence reporting. Also WJR around the world the national security adviser John Bolton snubbed by the president of Turkey one. He left Turkey without a meeting about the Kurdish fighters in Syria and the planned withdrawal of US forces from Syria, North Korean supreme leader. Kim Jong UN's trip to China continues. Correspondent Matt river says what each side is looking to come. As a result of these talks, the North Koreans want economic sanctions relief that's gonna come from the Chinese the Chinese might well make that happen after this summit. But in return, you can bet that the Chinese are going to go through the North Koreans and say, we want our interest represented negotiations moving forward and some of those interests involved the US troops on the Korean peninsula. They want to see those troops removed. The meaning as interpreted by that reporter, Matt rivers Carlos gone has for the first time giving his version that led to his arrest in Tokyo on financial misconduct charges. He told the judge I'm innocent of the accusations against me, your honor going wasn't a dark suit and plastic slippers. And he had a rope around his waist. He was noticeably thinner go on with his normally jet black hair green at the roots gone said he always acted honourably and legally and with the knowledge and. Approval of the appropriate executives inside Nitzan. He told the judge he worked on the goals to revive Nissan. Dan night for twenty years. Prosecutors charged going under before his income by tens of millions and by transferring personal debts to Nissan company, a bankruptcy court hearing will take place today to determine whether Sears will go on or whether Sears will immediately have to liquidate assets. Wwl news time six thirty four. Here's Shawn baligian. Sports. Well, good morning. Good morning, everybody. It was all Clemson all night. The Tigers pound the Alabama crimson tide. Final score forty four to sixteen in the national championship. Game of college football, Clemson, national champions, again second time in three years. The pistons lost their second straight game last night falling to the Spurs. They're back in action on Wednesday in Los Angeles wings back in action tonight taking on the Montreal Canadian. Puck drop at Little Caesars arena at seven thirty and Spartan radio. Back tonight is Michigan state looks to host the Purdue Boilermakers our pre-game show starting at eight o'clock. I'm Shawn blagent seven sixty WJR sports, traffic and weather for.

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