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I don't know why people aren't throwing them in the same conversation, but they're they're willing that though Arizona and those talks I don't really get it. How do you see Money Night football playing out? I think it's because guys like Kyle Armor and Murray's been great ship. He's sexy young player people have to talk about fun to watch. Boss is kind of like eating oatmeal in the morning, right? Get fine. It's good. It's a staple, but you're not necessarily excited to get up and have apples and cinnamon oatmeal, So I think that's kind of part of it. If you look at the numbers, they are think active. Essentially, they're really, really good. I mean, beyond just Donald and Randy. They got guys all over the field. I I actually pick the Rams to win this game. An upset. I didn't The Rams are gonna pressure Brady. They're going to give him problems. Now. I think the same is true the other way pampas going to get to God and God turns into a pumpkin under pressure, which is my biggest concern. However. Run. Bay's offense is much more predicated on getting the ball out very quickly and getting your adjusted attack. The Buccaneers offense. Not that is an offensive designed for shot plays down the field. That's the problem in this thing. I think the Rams are going through. If you going cause of issues for Brady, I think they want it tight down. That is my guy. Matt Verte ran with fans sided. Always happy to talk A little NFL with him, Matt Man. Appreciate you coming on tonight, man. Thank you so much. Thank you. That is my guy met Verger Ram with fans cited. We're talking NFL The rest of the way 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 will take your phone calls next, but but let's head to Mike McCann with the updates. See me? Yes. Sports flag. All right. Caring is in the college Football day began with sudden postponement off Clemson in Florida State at Tallahassee. Yuck. Clemson player, apparently a backup lineman testing positive. On Friday, F. S U officials expressed concern at that point. It was the 18th game this weekend. To be canceled virus issues, also forcing fifth ranked Texas A and M's game with old miss to be called off that due to a number of Maggie's who tested positive As for the action on the field start of the second quarter, Oklahoma leading Oklahoma State 21 to 7 early in the second. What Was upset, but nothing on Michigan, Tennessee and Auburn. They are tied at 10 earlier, number one ranked Alabama, destroying Kentucky 63 3 quarterback Matt Jones passing for a couple of touchdowns. Running back Nagy. Harris ran for a pair of scores. Third ranked Ohio State held off number nine Indiana 40 to 35 just fields passing for 300 yards in a couple of touchdowns, But he was also picked off three times. Insect. Five times number six Lord, another good game from Kyle trashed their QB going 26 of 35 for 3 83 and three scores. Florida beating Vanderbilt 38 17 number seven. Cincinnati remains undefeated. They beat U C F 36 33 8th ranked BYU destroyed north Alabama 66 14. Northwestern toppled number. 10, Wisconsin 17 7, and the pain continues for Nick Be Lion Nation. Iowa keeps Penn State winless and Owen five. When I get 41 21 number two Notre Dame By the way off this weekend, we could have it on the NFL began with the Seahawks beating the Cardinals on Thursday night. Your Sunday must seize include the Ravens at six and three and tied for second. In the A F. C North hosting the Titans also 63 tied atop the South. Dez Bryant expect to see more chances with Baltimore after playing just two stamps in his weak number nine debut. Cole to share the NFC South with Tennessee, their home for the Packers, who lead the NFC North. Four teams around their buys The bills, the Bears, the Niners and the Giants on the injury front chiefs, OT Mitchell Schwartz, placed on IR with that nagging back injury and I'm Mike McCann Stream CBS Sports Radio.

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