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But is just not way that i was wire and i saw that commercial and i thought i could start something doing that in it could be my own so there is nothing in particular you would attribute your entrepreneurial mindsets who at that time may your mom your parents obliterating the knows my father's arnaud holds pop now these and 60something in egypt two years ago so it's not like we come from my sis was the first one for my my family to graduate so it's not like we come from a family of a bunch of higher educated you know people just believing college so much my my father was an entrepreneur spirit the difference between pop in is that he's always wanted to just never really give it a go right a father's father was not nor in belgium in all of europe so i know it's in the jeans but you know man as as a young guidry you'll probably excessive this will it's different in the times now right at holder umbrella 27 since now back back then now it's almost it's cool in its it makes sense for people want to do their own thing there's so many resources for you to start your own thing that today if there is it if there is a nineteen year old says i want to create an app and i want celts in the market nobody bats an eye back then you're considered irresponsible i'm thirty eight years old so when iraq was twenty twenty one thinking of sort of business people were like well you don't have any money you don't have any experience you don't have any this yummy that so it was just a very different time back down so what i'm getting at is for weaker man we created this foundation of insecurity.

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