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That i thought it was like a really effective part of the movie where it just all makes sense like they've not there for a long time they live close to each other they hung out when they were both married and now they're simultaneously going through divorces that's bringing them together that all makes sense to me i wish that amy adams existed in its in this movie not in relation to the men in her life because we really we know that she's making her mommy video game that's divorced for men although it up but we know that she's theodore trend and we know that she's hurting about her divorce and she has a friendship with an os yes which i thought was cool and i wish was explored more they have a conversation but you don't hear but amy adams you can tell is talking to a person she likes for sure yeah yeah and i like that yeah i think it would have been interesting to explore that friendship a little bit more but we don't see that there's one line she has in particular that i liked a lot i didn't that same conversation where it she's like what keen play my mommy game that i made and he's a uk but she's talking about like the conflicted feelings she has about her divorce and like the guilt that she's feeling about it she says something like i tried to transcribe it but i have so much energy and i wanna move forward and i know that makes me an awful person which like i that was a cool line of dialogue of like she has so much she wants to do and like isn't as sad about her divorce as she feels like she should be and that makes her feel like a terrible person which i think is like a cool thing to have a female character express because 'cause that is kind of inverted a little bit between amy and theodore where normally expect the the male character to be like i'm over it i'm focusing on my career but it's kind of the opposite where theodore literally cannot move on on and she is like excited to feels bad i think maybe a similar thing happens in the conversation between catherine which is theodore's ex wife and theodore where they're having lunch they're signing the divorce papers catherine says something like you know you want me to be this like bouncy happy l a wife and i was never going to be that and then there's a reference to him like wanting her to go on prozac so weak and maybe imagine that she's struggled with depression and different things like that and i liked that she called him out and it shows his emotional stuntedness where he you know had different issues with like wanting to jump ship whenever things got too hard or things got to real yeah yeah i mean that scene there's parts of that are good there's parts of it that from reading millions of articles when the movie came out that was his like down of safiya coppola to get back at her for the scene in los and translation where there's like a director idiot in lawson translation which was soviet coppola's takedown of spike jones or just like we're trail of him as like a party idiot who's just like always happy and bouncing around so this was like meant to be his portrayal of sofia coppola is this like incredibly impossibly serious person interesting remorse even kind of stylized to look like so i know but also like same thing with the spike jones thing in los insurance they they're not subtle moves but you'd also have to like care enough it's by jones dated each other which is like a group of like ten people i can't wait to have like beef with other filmmakers and then when i'm writing a movie just like seriously sub tweet so that's.

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