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English vizier boss my boss month nassar's west memories come from a prison in the coastal town of zoe it's known only as solace prison named after the militia leader who runs it in that detainees die from beatings of so many of you do let somebody from that is because of what he says solace men would play these games like making the women undress and forcing the male prisoners to staff ordering prisoners to shoot each other there were rapes nasa survived there for seven months one finally his name was called it almost came as a relief a man needed a painting job done one from what he was looking for pendema bent on dvd money his worked for him nasa was now sold into bonded labor he was told to paint the man's home and he didn't he didn't does worsely women from the prison took nasty weeks to paint all of the rooms when he'd finished his master as he still calls him appear to take pity on him and decided to let him go jimmy bye some foods and then he just he just now so you tried to lie low he'd heard stories of libyan's roaming the streets in cars with guns in such black men to sell back to silas jail one day two libyan men did approach him he was baffert and one of the men surprised him by giving him his shoes the other man offered to take him to another part of town a safer place where other africans lived is they me i will take you brought people are leaving the techni indika rescue me to my fellow blocks drug me there one night nasty you managed to get over the border to tunisia but he still thinks a lot about those he left behind he calls them his brothers live mortgage deal russ prison sometimes he gets cools from people trying to find relatives trapped in libya he doesn't have words of comfort instead he warns them libya is terrible whatever you do do not go wreath sherlock npr news madelene tunisia.

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