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Just incredible and by the way you and your friends. Sweet people. Thank you so much. Now because days a nice person he is grateful to both Jamie Kennedy. But The level of joy Dave will feel from that specific gratitude from Kenny. And the level of Joy Kenny will feel from expressing that specificity of gratitude. That's what makes gratitude actually work scientifically for the mind. So it's not good enough to just feed it. You've gotta get specific and you've got a sharing. Well, I'M GONNA share a little bit of gratitude that just popped into my head because we're talking about monk things Dowa Tartan Phillips is a friend WHO's been on. The show and also a monk and he he reached out a while ago and you said as gratitude for coffee whatever he said, Hey Dave. I'm going back to Mount Kailash and the origin story for book coffee is I had Yak butter tea on the side of Mount Kailash that will my brain up that caused me to do the research when I came back to make bulletproof coffee and. I Actually Picked Three Coffee Cherries. That a can pick them from our plantation Guatemala. The first one we put in our infrastructure to make clean coffee and dried them and carry them with me every everywhere I went like everywhere I travel all over the world for seven years. And he said you WANNA leave an offering for mount. Kailash to. Thank you what a what an awesome idea. So I actually sent him my three coffee beans and he actually carried them up onto the side of mount. Kailash and left them as an offering to say thanks because there are some cool energy going on over there that. Of. You will qualify someday probably never but there was something came to me there and and so a thank you Dawa for for doing that and thanks Kailash. and. Yet I I think public acknowledgment is another angle to that the. And also just calling someone out so it's it. There's power that. How do you? Practice gratitude for the pandemic. Yeah, that's that's a that's definitely tough one and I think. The first thing I would say that you can have. You can shed almost toxic gratitude with people as well. Yes. Thank in in this in the sense to if you're asking people to be grateful. At all times without undestanding again, Dave, what you said early instead of hearing people's pain and so I think the mistake with gratitude is that we force people to devalue their pain or we force ourselves to devalue alipay or to belittle someone else's pain or belittle earned in because we're meant to be grateful and have respected. And so for me, the first stage of getting to gratitude for the pandemic is not gratitude. The first step or stage is to experience and accept and understand the pain you have gone to. If you've gone through the loss of something or someone, you don't just go. I. Am going to be grateful for that. You accept it you feed it you allow yourself to feel every emotion that that brings I'm lost. During the pandemic we lost four family friends back in London I lost my mentor not to cove it but he had stateful brain cancer for the last two three years and he passed away during this time. and. I miss him. I I. Think I knew him since I was like thirteen years. Old Is Spiritual Mentor in London and so important pivotal moments in my life becoming among getting married to my wife he he did our engagement ceremony for US spoke at all wedding. But just so many beautiful moments with him and I miss it and I in in the moment I just had to miss him. And then slowly as I missed him and I really have those memories and I cried and I I sat with that feeling and emotion. I been found gratitude in that because I thought. Wow How lucky my that I got to have so many pivotal moments with this human being. And that the only way that he could still live is if I aspired to live by those qualities that he so beautifully set out. And that would be the only way to express gratitude not to feel gratitude that he's gone but to express gratitude back to his life in his work, and that's where I found gratitude again, not I didn't feel grateful that he's gone I miss him every day but I feel grateful I had that time with it. And I want to express gratitude by giving back but it started with tears and. And, a whole lot of missing him and I still miss. So you start out by feeling the pain of authentically unhinging that it's real and then you're doing that and then you're finding some good that that happened even was a little. I would say I'd say this tweet stages the first is acknowledging and feeling the pain to the decks that it needs to. Yes. You cannot ignore the debt. You can't go this three step formula i. felt like this for three days now the next three days. There's not a nine day program for it. And there's not meant to be so so I just feel except and relive those memories talk about the Shandon share your your pain whatever it is that you're feeling about the pandemic and like I said people have lost someone or something, and that's really important because I think a lot of people felt bad for losing something and not someone and then felt guilty that they were upset for losing something instead of a human because people are actually dying. But the thing is that everything is a loss to you and you've got to earn that loss. The second part of it is looking at what you lost an accepting it wholeheartedly. But looking at what you had a looking at what you had at one point and gained from that business that us in that moment that actually energizes fuels the next step. So it's not ignoring the loss, but it's looking for what you actually had an gain before you lost it and why was so powerful what was the meaning and this is the best thing about month teachings that teachings not there to help you find happiness enjoy it every point then to help you find meaning and everything. and. You can't find happiness in the death of a loved one..

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