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Katerina uh thank you cat this was i think a great email to end on yeah and good for you in getting help and i'm glad this is something you can live with i the second i saw leukemia in your email uh i'm not gonna lie my the first thought was very dark ashley you know don't know a lot about that leukemia cancer any a guts made a dentist's office is calling so i immediately just go to a dark place when i see the word cancer or see the word leukemia um but it's good to know this is something you can manage uh congratulations on very happy for you cuba's updated uh and thanks for the mouth all right uh i can either a couple of times i almost cried many male but i must strong white male of the worst thing to say no um um so stupid this has been over an hour i've talked for over an hour um i hope you found this a worthwhile episode guys uh thank you for listening we will be back again with busy i promise i'm also very curious oh i know why might dentists calling i didn't cover this but last week uh this was a horrible horrible thing i went to my dentist and um uh had hetero canal last year late in the year but the very back tooth and um i'd had a bunch of other dental work done so my dental insurance only covers a certain amount of money.

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