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Up on mornings on the mall. We're gonna talk about Steph curry and NASA, he doesn't think that we landed on the moon, and they're going to show him that. No, we really did. It's eight thirty on WFAN WFAN FM. Woodbridge WFAN, Washington. Redskin's game one zero five point nine six three WMA L, A Cumulus station. Wwl news at eight thirty good morning. I'm Barbara bread. Time magazine announcing its person of the year more correctly group of people slain journalists, including murdered Saudi writer, Jamal Shoghi and five members of the capital gazette capital in Annapolis Maryland, five journalists killed and in June of gunman apparently aggrieved by the coverage and the gazette one of the oldest papers in America. Did what it's done since before the revolution. And and got a paper out the next day and continues to do so with courage. The time editor in chief tells the today show, President Trump came in second is person of the year. Robert Muller came in third before you make that sausage stuffing. The owner Jimmy dean foods recalling twenty nine thousand pounds of the frozen ready to eat heat and serve pork and Turkey sausage links. Yet the details the government's USDA website, President Trump tweeting this morning about building the wall writing people do not yet really realize how much of the walls already. Been build Trump meeting later this morning with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the White House to talk about funding for the wall. Checking your money. Del opens the day at twenty four four twenty three the NASDAQ at seventy twenty sports sponsored by Geico wizards lose to Indiana despite a half a half a second half, push one. Oh, nine one a one pl- wizards are playing without the injured. John wall, Monday night football. It was the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Seahawks. Twenty one to seven and more injuries for the Redskins tight end..

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