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KLIF that holds the tune in and this is real news and information five seventy JLI yeah. the ending the headlines because even though we are eleven minutes away from the end of our work week. you know. news is my life yes and so we never stop looking and I keep seeing all these references to hurricane Dorian now has made landfall. landfall as a weird why do they call it land fall. I don't know your word nerd you should know that well no I don't but what it reminds me of is a long time ago when they deliver sure yeah I know what it means what I just said the word again a long time ago when the the US space program first started and I can't remember the reporter's name he was a network guy. a well known at the time it wouldn't matter because most people wouldn't remember anyway but he was interviewing of a guy who work for NASA a scientist after they had had a bad launch and the a rocket veered off course they were afraid there was gonna head for a populated area so they blew it up enough in the atmosphere and he was telling this story the of this the scientist was and he said that we we the decision to to destruct the vehicle as it enters earth. is it entered the earth's ocean interface Frank Reynolds was his name Frank Reynolds is excuse me hold it right there. if you don't call it a beach we're not gonna get anywhere. ocean interface. okay let's remind me of how much you read today. I don't know but I will not count reading Twitter or reading Facebook unless I'm reading an article that somebody put in there I actually do that I read the entire article outs alright I read news but you know what very often I don't read entire news stories either it's going to get into a long enough to say okay we should talk about this tomorrow then we'll figure it out but I do have a couple of books I'm reading. but I'll get around to every single day okay because people who read books for thirty minutes daily lived an average of twenty three months longer than non readers so really get get reading that's that's one of the around an extra two years. really also can help prevent Alzheimer's disease. this is from a new study. after a Harris poll survey of roughly two thousand adults who say they wish they had more time to read we always blame not enough time in our lives to do everything to do anything right yeah there's a link between exercising your brain a slower rate of decline in memory makes sense they say you should do like crossword puzzles and things to keep your mind active yeah and learn something new because if you're if you learn something new then your making new. please yes yeah in your brain. I just find the world interesting everything's interesting I spend a lot of time on Google because I'm looking up stuff you know and I think that's the same kind of thing breeders twenty one percent less likely to report feelings of depression ten percent more likely to report good self esteem. let's go back to the star in Frisco yesterday evening Eastwood high school the el Paso kids. yeah now the bus. and get ready to go into the store to play the game with up against Plano and who's standing there to greet him and give a Pat on the back girl Jerry Jones yeah. I like jury I love Jerry I think up you know the the national media doesn't understand jury and they talk about him like he's some kind of nut case we laugh at a lot of the things that he says the way he says things that's just part of his charm but and I'm sure the jury has his moments when he's not the most charming people but but he's a person. but I just love the guy and here's a really good example he didn't have to do anything with over his ivory tower there at the store were offices but shook every hand every player he said he thought it was the least he could do because these young men were coming to play a football game far far from home after the horrible experience the city of el Paso has suffered and he just wanted to show that he's got on these tickets to Sunday's game two is a home that go to guy is it at home Sunday yes. yeah. the cowboys. the star telegram picture of former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry has been selected as one of the one hundred greatest photos in NFL history this is the one hundredth anniversary the NFL officially started last night. and the former star telegram photographer Paul Moseley took the picture shows a classic silhouette of Tom Landry on the sideline wearing his fedora you can tell by you can just tell by the silhouette without seeing his face who it is. it was taken during Landry's final game as coach nineteen eighty eight at Texas stadium. so now hard to describe a picture on the radio but we'll put in our day even Amy Facebook page along with the story you can take a look at this really really fast and it's really cool. eight fifty five let's get update on traffic.

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