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Said that he'd reached out and eighty laugh Yeah but you didn't call me quote. It was just one big love fest from then on hagar said they texted and talk regularly and sammy said quote. If i wouldn't have contacted ed and we buried the hatchet like that and became friends again. I'm not sure how could have taken it. It would've been devastating. Sami agreed not to publicly. Speak about their reconciliation since that would fuel rumors either of a reunion tour which was obviously not going to happen at this point or later speculation about eighty s health and eight people. Talking or speculating about his hell. When hey i got cancer. Hey said that. He didn't understand why people cared. It's almost like he didn't realize how many people loved him. And i've lost him like literally. He said like a lot of people care. I don't understand this. I don't get. Why do people a lot of people care. What what my health condition is. Why do they care the hospital by the end of the summer. unfortunately eighty stop responding to sammy's ticks. In late september semi reached out one more time and quote when he didn't respond figured it was just a matter of time on the morning of october six. Two thousand twenty eight van halen was surrounded by small group that included his brother alex his son wolfgang is wife janey and his ex wife valerie bertinelli in a hospital bed in saint. John's health center in santa monica at ten fourteen. Am pacific time. After more than fifty years of amazing music and beautifully. Loud noise there was solids any died of multiple ailments including a stroke pneumonia in cancer. He was sixty five years old. He was cremated and requested that his ashes be scattered in the pacific ocean near malibu. Wolfgang van halen announced the news via instagram quote. I can't believe i'm having to write this. But my father. Edward ludwig van high one has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer. This morning. who was the best father i could ever ask for. Every moment of shared with him on and off the stage was a gift. A bertinelli actually posted a picture of she. Eddie and wolfgang when wolfgang was a baby with message quite forty years ago. My life changed forever. When i met you. You guys me. The one trae live in my life our son wolfgang through all your challenging treatments for lung cancer. You kept her gorgeous spirit in that impish grant. I'm so grateful wolf our able to hold you in your last moments. I will see you in our next life. My love roth simply posted a picture of him. Eighty with a simple message while along great trip. That's been sammy and michael. Anthony were actually preparing for hagar's and your birthday bash. On catalina island instead of the normal side of cutler san lucas because of covid nineteen. And we're prepared to pay per view concert on the beach. Defense watching spread out in the sand and from boats because of the pandemic they posted a short video. Send their love to helen family. Michael anthony had tears in his eyes. He and eighty had sadly not reconciled. They're bandmate in the band. The circle jason bonham said that but and michael were devastated and with anthony quote. I could really tell the next night during the show. They asked for a moment of silence before plan right now and sammy said the silence was eerie with even the seagull seeming to stop squawking. And i'm gonna tell you can find a lot. He's not he's not jagged. It's like you can't hear them. You can't hear about the ocean break. Can't hit your bird squawk and wants to light one drunk guy realizes. I'm not supposed to be any quiz. It is it is an eerie silence. And as they as they go into right now i throw up van halen symbol which was pretty awesome. Obviously the tributes poured in a once. The news got around john. Fogerty said quote. I stood in all in complete wonderment of eighties. Immense talent and amazing guitar ability one of the greatest rockers. Ever and i will miss him dr. Brian may said quote completely gutted to hear the sad news. This wonderful man was way too young to be taken. What a talent. What a legacy. Probably the most amazing and dazzling rock guitarist in history. I think of him as a boy an innocent prodigy always full of joy always modest. And there's truly magical thinkers opened up a door to a new kind of playing. I treasure the moments. We share his passion list giant. Olen mahar steve. I said quote. Let's take a minute and try to imagine our world if he never showed up it's unthinkable. Thank you king. Edward's you're deeply loved and we'll be missed country artist. Jason is bell. actually quote tweeted wolfgang's announcement with the message quite so happy to know he was a great bother. You will when. I was a kid. I literally worshipped the man honestly. I don't think i ever stopped tenacious. Day to tweeted quote farewell see on the underside. Nikki six called him. What the mozart of rock music and sebastian bach tweeted quite eddie van halen and they peer were just too good for twenty twenty we all are my hardest broken. Wolfgang announced a month later. That van halen was number more saying that the ban could not exist without his father. He said he may rework van. Halen song or two here and there in the future for concerts but would abide by his wishes of him pursuing his own music and not quote playing my old sheet. He said eventually he and alex will start the arduous and painstaking process of going through the gigantic cash of music that his father left in the fifty one fifty. I want to make it a point to not end every episode that i do anymore with a person dying so i wanted to include this when van halen had. Its first headlining tour back. In the very early nineteen nineties. They played a triumphant sold out hometown. Gig at the la forum at one point. Eddie look to the side of the stage and he saw his father yawn weeping. He was proudly watching his two sons live their dream and his it was about music family bonds and love of father and son of course the father and sons appeared together on one van halen album with yang playing clarinet on big bad bill. Sweet william now after eighties passing wolfgang's band. Mammoth a name borrowed from the early name of his father's band released a song. Wolfgang played for his ill. Father distance the video features pictures and home movies of father and son closes with a voice. Mail that eighty left wolfgang. Which says quite. I'm so happy to have you as my son and so proud of you. I love you so much. Call me if you get a chance. I just want to hear your voice. I love you bye and of course the two did get to appear together a one album. It was about music family bonds and the level of father and son. It's all thanks for making me feel really sad. It's a sad ending you can. You can hear yet you hear. That voice does tug at the heartstrings. Especially because that wasn't released until after eighty exactly that'd be state if you see that video and especially just all these pictures and hung movies of etienne wolsey. And and the very end is a voicemail. That eddie left will the. I'm not sure win. But that's the last thing you hear it gets you right in the guts. It really does. Okay so i want a little bit of housekeeping before we get to our final van halen discussion point so come back and listen to all such. We've done so far couple of things wanna point out. First of all for starters l. day in our second episode replied push comes to shove and said it sounded like don henley and i have to confess. I honestly did not know what in the hill you're talking but but having back and re listen to it i do think the drum intro sounds very similar to the one on sunset real so i don't know if that's what you picked up owner. What but i but once once i listen to that i was like. Hey you know what. I kinda hear that..

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