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Let's not forget you know. And then you take him out for the entire series socks. Listen i don't know man. One thing that i will say is that. Apparently he came out in two his presser. Like crying about it Because he was saying that his family was getting like bullied. His parents are getting bullied on social media laughing. That they're going to bully like laughing like who goes to a player players parents and just like starts bullying them on social media. It's fucking stupid. Apparently people found out their phone numbers to getting phone calls too so it is a fucked up situation. What's happening to him for a hockey hit. I mean i get it. It was hard. It was rough. And honestly if evans falls a little bit different doesn't go full twisting upside down. We're not even talking about it. You know it would've just been another hard hit in the playoffs. So i i do feel bad for his family for having to deal with. It's stupid like hockey. Fans sometimes could be the absolute worst. I mean we saw with ethan better. That was fucked up what they were saying to him now. Now a family is getting death threats for hockey like come on guys. It gets annoying at some points. Yeah see that's a serious I i'm good with. Are you ready. Move on Yeah yeah. I'm ready to go all right. So let's talk about tambang carolina Deal this is a good matchup Again another pretty evenly matched match up. You know I love carolina's young core. And i really hope that they can beat tampa. But you know it's going to be really tough. Man you know tampa is tampa tampa and they just look so fucking good. Oh yeah the way they. They're able to like move on the ice cycle. The puck like they're just. They're an unstoppable team. Sometimes the you know it's and it's tough to Picture how columbus them a couple of years ago. You know but florida couldn't be them. And i mean you know but caroline one you know but you had an additional twenty million dollars to your team. You're able to do some stuff you know of course but but yes so i don't know you know i was. I was watching game three. I think it was thursday night. No wasn't thursday night wasn't there isn't it. oh shit hold on. I'm looking right now. Yeah yeah. I was thursday night. Sorry and and yeah. You don't razek look good. You know played really well Took into to overtime and they beat tampa in you know..

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