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You know it on the surface it looks like Dallas is a better football team but underneath it all they're going there which is a den of iniquity I don't believe that it's as you know save road trip for them that this is I'm gonna walk in the park I think the saints will give them all they can handle I think the more teddy plays I think the batteries going to get we already know that guy can play I don't think anyone really doubts in that much that it that he's a decent quarterback the guy can flat out play right any get definitely slowing it I like him I don't you know I don't think he's a rock star anything I did you just a you know a good solid quarter back so he's going to get better and better and you know when you have guys like to mera anything's possible. they're gonna have to get to dak Prescott and put him on his **** that's all I know if they let that guy run around a pocket and make passes on third down completions and first downs they're gonna have their hands full but if they can get them and if they can shut down alley it I think that the the saints will be in the game I think it's gonna be a hell of a game I don't have any doubt that that's going to be a good game I I think that game will be as good as the rams and Browns was last night which was a what was a twenty thirteen but they had a ball at the four yard line with a chance to tie it and go to overtime right and they and they you know stopped I dyed their play calling was atrocious but it is what it is I. I thought they played okay you now for their first Sunday night primetime game and whatever was years in five years or so my dad or somebody that all I know is I didn't think they played badly I thought they were exciting I thought their defense was stuff I died they made the rams work very hard for that way and I think the biggest problem was Cooper cop right the guy was telling him he had two touchdown catches and tell them it's no different than this guy tonight Taylor Gabriel yeah one guy have three touchdowns receiving it's game over if you're not losing so Cooper got two TV's game over there you go but I thought that was a really good game last night and I think that this game will be equally as good in New Orleans I guarantee it as saints are showing up for that game they're not gonna just roll over for the cowboys I mean it's a huge game and I think it'll be a really good game in fact you know I actually think the two biggest games of the week. if you ask me and and I haven't looked at it yet I I have looked at it I just I don't have it in front of me right now all I know is on the put it up right now the games that intrigue me to muster to pass bills I want to that's a game I I didn't has tremendous potential to be good because the bills defense isn't isn't no joke they're legit I'm worried about Allen against that patch the fans. so I if he can overcome his frailties I think that hill he needs to have a big game against a good team and and no one not right no one believes in and no one buys into his abilities I do I think the kids got talent but he needs to do it against a good team to show everyone that you know they need to shut up because they all say that he's average at best but I think Jeez lines is going to be a great game and I think Vikings bears gonna be a really good game but there's no game in my opinion better than the cowboys and saints on Sunday night that's the best game and obviously that's why it's the Sunday night game. so the AP poll AB ball Clemson band of joy jail as she will has stayed Oklahoma the top six Auburn seven Wisconsin eight Florida nine Notre Dame ten I'll be honest with you I think that top eight is is legit. and yeah LSU and Auburn have a crack at at Alabama that's all I know and everything else is I think you know the team that has blown my mind how good they've alleges Ohio state I mean they are just absolutely just destroying everyone this get fields is lighting it up I mean they're putting up numbers that like even Haskins didn't do right and he broke every record in the big ten he's over forty eight hundred yards and fifteen touchdowns and this kid fields is really that offense is unstoppable right now and I actually think they look better than Alice you right there and Oklahoma I think I'll has a looks fantastic so plans Alabama Georgia Oklahoma L. as you our top five in the coaches poll Ohio state six are you willing to go there at all a car ride at Ohio state looks better than Alice you in Oklahoma or use are you sticking with Oklahoman Ellis you waiting mafia are you into a higher state Obama Ellis use better are the right now I have to go to Ohio state because they're just lighting everybody up Oklahoma usually does that they had some good performances obviously but I just think when you put that many points up to college football you get extra style points Derek in Seattle. I met this is the juror from us you're watching it with the Cleveland Browns what their problem is is that old line. yeah I am that's obvious he was running for his life last night when it mattered most at four down to get a great pressure on him when you're when you're running backwards and throwing it and and you're on for them for it and you know for that goal and you're running backwards do you know the twenty to throw the ball you're paying out ten out of ten times you're not going to complete that pass because he's now Joe Montana Joe Montana running backwards a little different than a Baker Mayfield I know I know bigger make feel things he's better than Joe Montana but poor little Baker just doesn't know how far he has to go to ever even be allowed in the same conversation I know he thinks he's better than everybody he's just not. does that taste. for the third straight year the LS plaza the Astros they glanced over the weekend and they are bad **** what they did lose a couple games to the angels on Saturday and Sunday which brought the Yankees back into the home field advantage with his cane this week and what is the record now I believe the Yankees are half game back of them are right in that area Yankees out one oh two and they have one to the losses they have played a different amount of game they have won the last loss yes those are the actions of the ashes play one more game and the Yankees this week the your blade Ned Yost retiring on its own terms he's got a World Series title nice with a title and not getting fired it's a nice way to go out right beau beau G. with three and retiring not getting fired most people get fired in baseball right Padres fire Andy green as I said ten manners into the white Sox did you see this story he wants to it thinks the game that he grew to love is boring and he wants to fix it any once I heavy dose of of swag no matter who it angers I had no idea I did agree with him more yeah I think they need a little more juice. I'm definitely going to be a better do something dope when I know that I got it that's only right you don't hit on like that every day when I hit it you get to say that I blacked out from there and emotions to go over he you know when he hits home runs he flips is back and gets all you know cranked up and everything but I think he's right you got to celebrate the successful moments because it's failing game I think that's my reason how I play my game because we're failing most of the time so when you do it on the home runs and make those dull plays its only right do you do do what you feel at the moment and play with that a motion. and I would agree that in baseball it's got a real problem with boredom and I mean people are just bored to death with it I'm not as Tampa's plan for a wild card all week and there's five people at the game. I mean literally that Tampa Bay baseball crowd tonight for a team plan for a wild card berth in a postseason berth and there's like thirty people in a crowd it's embarrassing it really is Daniel Cormier a will not retire just yet he says he'll fight one man and one man only one fight and one fight only once the pay me a change again for a third time in a trilogy date as on John Jones he wants me to change that you think that given the church. course I wanna make money as the biggest for the probably make right now in every division one of these other guys just been beat up by those two so you're not gonna get comedy was Jones that's the next best thing black keys one time Thurman is going to have surgery it'll keep them out of the ring until twenty twenty and he had surgery as I began to deal with a nagging injury I feel great and he won't get back into the ring until twenty twenty so that was a very violent fight with Pacquiao any injured his hand. and I like watching a guy fight he he brings it there's no doubt he he fights and he shows up so. I'm looking forward to going to see your voice sounds. however I haven't seen a guy fight have you live. I have not. he means business bro Hey guys no joke believe me he can fight saw a year you'll be in for a treat on Saturday night when you see this guy go at it believe me and then the other guy can fight to Porter brings it so you know he's bringing his lunch pail there's gonna be some violence in that fight. and now I'm I'm ready for the mob is on me that there's a pool now so things have changed the mood is changing by the minute. for the trip to lipstick city except supposed to rain one where they're very upset about that I see your hockey teams have like twenty eight games of the Coliseum now what twenty eight there for dinner the other one yeah they added seven more was supposed to be twenty yeah I don't know why they play any at that plays a Brooklyn nobody does anyone in there he.

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