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Hey on the london last i've learned a lot of few years i feel like i'm a better person yeah so i the dow would definitely and some garlic bread that that's that's long yeah that's my male why wassaw that on the instagram you guys have a pull apart garlic bread that you're kinda pushing right now lists and with that when a minor not the you're just a heavy sigh oh my god very pleasure here if you're a little bit about that said pol apart garlic it went on that iso i've roast at your whole i ii heads of garlic t three of them than i squeeze out you know all the little lad garlic vets yet blended in the blender with some oliveoil a little bit a lemons ass is so solidsteel vilius like yeah it's almost like a melted butter kind of thing and then you cut d i'll loaf i like to do sourdot but you can do france do you what apps and then aci at the bread in two directions undiagnosed he had these little betsy just pull out and then i use a pastry brash and it just get deep in that race and you just throw it in the oven for a little bit i throw a little odd parsley on top so it looks a healthier but like another thing that we've served people on his they just have mouthful food there's like a desert region the most important thing to remember about vegetarian vegan food is that spicer says and garlic and again like all not just all that shit threegame leg if your land asked vegan food that's on the clock listen i've been in omnivore more recently the michaud affairs of bowland chicken like dole sure don't blame the dish blame whose prepare yeah nobody hold that should against chicken but you'll hold that should against cauliflower and broccoli the the.

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