Few Weeks Ago, Ten Basic Recipes, Niamey Duncan discussed on Humans of Hospitality


Then how to cook a basic cooking just very simple. Just give them ten basic recipes and that's food for life. Yeah so have you seen any good examples at. Niamey duncan from chefs in schools. On on the podcast a few weeks ago chatting about them trying to get sort of unite proper food protest because quite often schools have got chefs. And they won't you know they don't want to open a packet and heats up we just want them to use in real whole foods in your journey of you seen any sort of transformational approaches or places where we can go and go. There's a really good template. let's pick up. It seems that you know jamie's obviously looked into this in the government. I know henry dimbleby's now looking at the sort of you know the country's food sourcing and cultural little its tunnel problem..

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