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Hi guys as welcome to recovery happy hour where we talk about life beyond the bottle and what happens after we quit drinking. I'm your host Tricia and I currently have a back injury. That has me walking like I'm smuggling drugs inside a very uncomfortable place in my body. Thank you for joining me. Today's introduction is partly food for thought and partly me he just getting some stuff off my chest. First of all I wanNA thank you for listening to this. PODCAST has grown to something way bigger than it was. When I first started hearted fifteen months ago so specifically in the last few months it's blown up to a much larger audience than I ever imagined would listen? I remember when I I started getting reviews and most of them were great and we all love reading nice things about ourselves right. That feels good so when I get a bad review it never never feels good but it's part of share yourself with an audience and when the audience gets larger you'll get more bad reviews so ninety eight reviews out of one hundred or great in two of them are bad. It's just human nature to focus on that tiny percentage of negativity. We all do it. I remember getting an email when I first started from someone who told me that she liked the podcast but that the sound quality needed improvement and she was withholding her five star rating until I fix that to be honest I kind of rolled my ice ice in if that's you and you're listening I'm sorry but I rolled my eyes at you because I was and still am doing the very best I know how to do with the audio and I can't do do more than I already am to get your five star review then I read another of you from someone who said that the content is great but the audio on the interviewee side is often terrible totally out of my control that if that's you and you're listening first of all thank you for even taking the time to leave your review but but that search for perfect audio means you might be missing the point of this podcast first and foremost I need you to know that I produce produce this podcast myself alone. I don't record interviews and hand them off to someone else to edit and publish them. I do it all myself. I schedule the interviews. I record them on skype in my bedroom. Not a recording studio recording our interview on skype means that sometimes one of us has a less than ideal Internet connection sometimes sometimes the weather gets in the way of that and sometimes he'll even here thunderstorm in the background. After we talk I spend about two hours editing the interview into a forty five minute chunk on garage band which is free software on my Mac. I edit the conversation so it's more cohesive and I cut out any awkward silences or extra uh-huh ars and clicking sounds and I'm not an audio engineer. I taught myself how to do all of this. I did myself I used a combination of youtube tutorials goals and flying by the seat of my pants. The interviewees are also just like me okay their normal people interviewing in their homes or offices using their phone in or headphones on their laptop and both of us are doing this for free and we're taking the time out of our days and our jobs to share stories of hope with someone who needs is to hear it so in that entire process. There's a lot of variables that make this podcast less than perfect. Today's episode for instance involves audio that that is not awesome in fact coming up in the next month. You'll hear an interviewee. Who's a single dad with a two year old? So of course you're going to hear his daughter in the background because that's what being a single dad involves on another episode coming up with my favorite Broadway singer you'll hear her walking around New York City and then eating breakfast vest and that's because she's a Tony Award winning superstar who again took the time out of her busy day to share her story with you so please understand stand that in spite of what little imperfections may annoy you at their core. They're not important details again. Today's episode is one of those those were. The audio isn't awesome but ZANDER's story is a great one and we talked about things that haven't been mentioned on any episodes yet acupuncture acupressure her she gone touchy. These are things that will speak to someone who needs to hear it. Someone who's been fighting with sobriety and who maybe doesn't want to go the traditional twelve step route and might need to hear that these options are available to them. This could be the episode that changes someone's life and I say that very boldly because I get emails and messages all the time daily telling me that listening to this podcast is changing lives anytime we deter someone from trying some various kind of recovery for their drinking. We potentially ruin an opportunity for instance. You've I heard podcast guest talk about whether or not a has worked for them and that's not the content I'm talking about when someone is sharing their experience of what they've tried. I'm talking about when I see people relentlessly posting articles in a sober accountability group about a being destructive source of help or that it should be avoided altogether altogether. I cringe when I see this because even though it's not everyone's cup of tea. It's someone's Cup of tea who needs to know about it telling someone they should avoid an opportunity to get help is way more destructive than an imperfect program. Your opinion may be important to you but ah for the greater good your opinion could actually be detrimental to someone because you're trying to close off their options. What if your negative review of something kept someone from listening and inside these episodes was the key to their sobriety but if they never listened because they were told it's not perfect there is is not perfection in sobriety? There is no perfect program. No perfect book no perfect podcast or facebook group. If you're looking for perfection action you're not gonNA find it. Getting sober and staying sober is a very imperfect process full of imperfect people and that's a beautiful thing. I wrote this introduction because I want you to understand that your recovery is yours and the total opposite of it is someone else's and if you're both not drinking then both of what you're doing is working anytime we talk badly about something. That's not working for us. Someone is listening who wants the truth and what you're saying isn't the truth. It's your opinion. Please join me in encouraging anyone around you who wants to stop drinking to try everything imperfect perfect or not right or wrong doesn't exist in this recovery world but willingness and hope does sometimes it just takes one specific sentenced tints to strike a chord with someone. Give them hope that they can do this. Hey that's what happened to me three years ago. When I heard a beautifully imperfect podcast interview from from someone who said the words that changed my life forever those same words could be in this imperfect episode so please put away your need for perfection Shen unless you yourself are perfect? Listen for the guts and the bravery and the strength that you need because it could be somewhere in between a bad internet connection and a thunderstorm and yes you absolutely have the freedom to post any kind of review you want and hey please do it honestly i. I know I'm not everyone's favorite person but keep in mind that we want to welcome. Everyone who needs to hear this content. Despite its flaws there is so much help out there and when you spread it around as much as we can before we get started. Please visit Recovery Happy Hour Dot com for any show notes. You're interested in in which you'll probably need this time because there's a lot of Chinese words thrown around this is also where you can donate to the podcast or learn more about the Dallas retreat coming up in January with me which is almost seventy percent sold out so if you're considering buying a ticket please don't wait. Oh there's also a couple of episodes coming up starting next week where I'm answering your questions on the show anything about my story the PODCAST the retreat whatever you WanNa know so if you have a question that you want to ask me you you can email me through the website or you can send me a message on social media. I'm at Recovery Happy Hour. Also I getting really close to ten thousand followers on instagram which is super cool so I'm decided to celebrate by releasing two extra podcast episodes the week. I crossed that mark so you can binge some extra content. You should should see those pop up within a couple of weeks so make sure you're subscribed all right. Let's get to Zander Hi Sandra. How are you? I'm awesome good making the a day as good as I possibly can and looking forward to being even better as part of the incident I love it. I'll take it for sure zander what what is your sobriety date and which you describe yourself as a high or a low functioning drinker my sobriety date June tenth nineteen eighty-four so so I'm thirty five years and two months and almost twenty five days the his county right right exactly thousand eight hundred forty thirty seven or something like that it's it's one thing to to unite at least have established that we're both all about how the have the fun yes yeah. I think anybody anybody then met me. That's a priority so the opposite of that was how I was. When I get my bottom I was living? I lived on the street side slept in gutters and sewers and I was trying to commit suicide side with the overt direct quick act of it I hated myself and drinking drinking gave me the short term gain of a feeling of pleasure of relief from the constant awareness of how life sucked God just numbs everything and then it comes right back to you like a sledgehammer boomerang. That's a that's a visceral description for sure. We'll we'll get into that here. In a minute in the meantime till tells a little bit more about yourself where we live how old you are what you do for a living likes to do for fun any good stuff like that so I lived in currently live in Ajax Ontario that may change change very soon. I'm looking for a new place to live. I'm sixty two years all young and I had worked as a family addictions therapist and addictions coach so I work with individuals her seeking to improve their experience of recovery as well as the family members who are distressed as a result of their loved ones using the other the other alcoholism alcoholism and addiction kind of interchangeably because alcoholism is is a form of addiction. What did I do for fun walks? I swim in Lake Ontario almost every day which because they come tears deeply kids. It's a it's a Cold Lake and so that brings me into the immediacy of this moment undeniably not thinking about five hours before ignorant Nana daily practice of serenity skills and they serenity skills are all about how do I have fun so at any given moment I can stand up and reach into my drawer and pull out my juggling balls and I can juggle for five minutes and that's a fun of media plan so I ended up performing eleven hundred shows that exploit sits Vancouver cheese first professional national juggler on the show guys e her first but I became a fire so I fire eater on the show too so this this is this is a this is a really important episode right now. Let's talk about before you got to eating fire juggling and Let's step back back in time for a second and talk about your.

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