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There is a new legal twist in the case of a man charged with killing his, wife. And two young daughters correspondent Jim Rupe explained to an, unsealed arrest affidavit Thirty-three-year-old Chris watts told investigators that after an, argument over separating he walked. Downstairs and their Frederick Colorado home. For a moment but he walked back up he, saw a baby monitor screen one of his daughters sprawled. Out on a bed blue appearing. Dead and has, wife thirty four year old Shannon actively strangling their other daughter he told police he went into a rage and then strangled his wife today confessed. To burying his wife later near to oil, tanks and dumping his daughters bodies and the tanks is charged with first, degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy The, FBI and US marshals are trying to track down a. Pennsylvania man accused of threatening to. Kill President Trump, federal investigators say shown Richard Christy wrote on Facebook that he would put a bullet in the head of a Pennsylvania district attorney as soon as. He did the same to President Trump police, believe Christie was last spotted in Maryland The former USA gymnastics at Michigan State University doctor convicted of abusing his, young. Patients is now calling a new person home for now Kerry shoemaker reports Larry Nassar is now being held. At the Oklahoma City federal transfer center the facility is typically used as a holdover location before mates are moved to a new, jail the move. Comes weeks after. His lawyers say he was, assaulted at the federal jail and Tucson Arizona this, past may. The fifty five, year old Nassar pled guilty to sex abuse and pornography. Charges last summer. The allegations against the doctor first surfaced in September of two thousand sixteen and since then two hundred sixty women. And girls, say Nassar abused them I'm Kerry Shema another bloody weekend in Chicago six people fatally shot fifty three wounded since Friday. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson.

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