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That's the back. There's nothing is gonna change if that's what you want to change. Gonna turn into a cockroach. Slowly turned into a mummy. I mean, I am. I am. I'm not gonna. I'm not going to be like watch, be become sting like he had a publicist. I I, it doesn't work the way you think it works if you waiting for for me to stop being a bad person. I, that it's like waiting for rain to taste like mint. It's just it's a great wish, and I back you up on it and it's not gonna happen, and it's your fault for waiting for it. I know I'm late to the party, but this British baking show. Three. Season with Nolde fielding. It's really good. I sat down episode one and watched it all the way through to the end and on my and I kept eating toast. As one thing is like you talking about like advertising, they don't advertise a Netflix, but if they would clean up if they had like bread commercials. 'cause I was eating toast all day long acting. I was toasting toast, which is weird. You should say, toasting bread into toast. Okay. Call. What's the British baking show? It's just called British brainchild the great bit grace bake off. Great. Sega, British bec- does. Does that suck? I patched nihilist. So bad. Okay, here's, here's the thing that I noticed right away because I haven't watched a lot of reality television, but the most most of the reality television. I've watched American reality TV and the thing about the great British bake off show is everybody's so nice to each of their helping each other out there. Just like on drums thing here. Let me you can use my fork or whatever you wanna use my oven. They're all helping each other out. And even like the critiques is like. Through upside. It isn't it. You know, it's not like, what is this garbage? It's like it's very positive. And I think I think that show would make you happy. The story about that woman a costing you at a bend this'll make you feel better than I forgot to tell you like by the way that did. Yeah, that was insane. Yeah, I've been wanting to tell you because I knew would make you so happy. And I think I don't think you understand how angry short. I was with this woman who was in her mind trying to save my life and I'm going, I don't need that goat get away from it. I was being very angry and Kurt. Short. Endlessly fascinated with these cosmetic issues. Let's like we like a man starts to lose his hair me, and then I go like, okay, I'm losing it. But it's like there's lines between the clinical and the cosmetic and the every day we wake up and we go through teens and things where we go. Well, my who I am is not going to work. I don't even mean I'm not going all like, you know. Punk rock on you and going like, oh, why don't we wear make up at all. I, I mean, like even people who don't wear makeup, like you look in the mirror and you. You have this like moment where you're like, there's an eyebrow that's like shooting outta my head. Maybe I would clip it was scissors like no matter how low maintenance you think you are like you're, it's like, whoa..

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