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DDAT and own career of possibilities. Dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran from Fox News channel. It's a new career for his sometimes controversial figure used to be the governor of mean now, he's tending bar, the outspoken. And sometimes controversial, former Republican governor Paula page will be joining his wife at MC Segel's restaurant in booth bay harbor Maine behind the bar. The restaurant, posted photos, and social media showing the former governor and first lady wearing mixed Segel's t shirts with the slogan, eat drink, and flounder just for the halibut villa pages spent the winter at their home in Florida. They sold their home in booth bay last summer and Carrick. Fox News CEO says he is confident the building. Seven thirty seven max will be cleared to fly again later this year by US, and other global regulators, Dennis Muilenburg, speaking at the Paris airshow admits, the company made a mistake in handling a problematic cockpit warning system before two deadly crashes, in Indonesia, and eat, THEO Pia. They killed. One hundred forty six people muhlenberg promised transparency as Boeing works to get the grounded plane back and flight last week Southwest Airlines said it removed the plane from its scheduled for an additional month through September second south west has thirty four mex- jets and his canceling about one hundred flights a day, a wounded suspect fleas a North Carolina hospital. The Orange County North Carolina sheriff's office is on the lookout for a wounded home invasion, suspect on Friday, Getafe day, Sean homemade headlines when he was chased and sliced by an eleven year old boy who just happened to live in that broken into house hall later checked himself into the UNC healthcare center in Hillsboro for treatment. However, he was not under guard Abed check found his room empty while surveillance video showed him leaving the premises as of Saturday night. He was still on the run. Karen McCue, Fox News for Gary woodland, grabs his first major title at the US, open woodland beating two time defending champion Brooks. Kepco by three strokes KEPCO was going. After his fifth major.

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