Sheen, Chairman, Kevin Owens discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast - WKPWP - WWE Smackdown Analysis w/Keller & Jake Barnett (09-06-2017)


I wouldn't think so and in strains usually pretty good about that so i don't know if he was just flustered in the moment or you know we we all have the the occasional brain for but he certainly had won their and he was loss you could see it in his eyes he was looking at owns for guidance and and you know owns isn't wanna tip his hand either so they put the they put cabin in a difficult spot there but luckily sheen was able to recover yes so what did you think of the overall angle as it played out throughout the show with the bombshell announcement it i'll i'll use that term that vince mcmahon mr mcmahon of self the chairman will show up on smack down next week to address kevin owens straight up for some incredibly harsh comments that he made to shame mcmahon about the mcmahon family to the point i mean he went so far as to bring his kids into it and also say his family would have been better off if he died in a helicopter crash that's pretty damn harsh and that triggered shane mcmahon attack a kevin which triggered threatening lawsuits which led to vincent man apparently suspending shane indefinitely i mean i hope i'm not that doesn't come across as a spoiler when i say i fully expect vincent man to say he suspended changed so that he can authorize him to be a wrestler and and take on kevin owns a get revenge on him for what he said overall it's a big angle and it makes this match feel bigger i think based on what they did today and i think it is much as we'd led wish since gays went over orton in it's a wwe title situation and the main event of the show was is the last thing that happened and i defend leading with it.

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