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I started a you know a do in the health healthcare can albadan started the workout stuff there were yeah like 5 o'clock in the morning by went on knives get it early yeah so it's um uh beast body and it gets on a lusa billy blanks and anwar who lesson emma billy blanks girl in this house started listen there's going to be a hybrid it's going to be beast body king is a body the easter beast body aquinas i stand not aware of that but then there's the insanity as well okay giannos act which talking about i actively are you know mandible down by these cassettes now yes there aid tracks whenever is and only ask because the billy blanks i have or vhs cassette martha's amy yes i might wanna use those you might if i condemn him up no he's or a hightech dvds slate you just follow along with the dvd meant that is a good system because it it keeps you honest you know what i mean 'cause if you're having to watch when do something and you have to mimic it there's something differed about that and so just hand new pair weights and say and do something with them you know what i mean uh once you're in the video mode you almost feel obligated to do whatever that persons do and the guy on this video he's got a strange accenting it's it's almost it's a bit of a arnold schwarzenegger accent job mixed with i don't know just some it it strange i can't even describe it right but he's got two guys with him those working out with and he's explain what you got to do and he's just he's pumped up beyond belief of course he negative video and it's the low much for me if i were o'clock in the morning bright minds calm down brieve yatom what to do we'll get through this without 45 minutes was trying to pump you out there and he is he's going at it and then he'll go he's got two guys behind him in one guy calls big mac which i'm like k that should be my workout name riley think about it um he has over to big mac and he's old you know.

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