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Human energy Company. Wednesday morning at 7 18 Traffic and weather on the eights. Jack Tanner in the W T o P Traffic Center. Alright in Maryland to 70 going South Leave monstrous road after the lanes merged before the lane. Divide large tire tread kind of in the right center of the roadway. 70 going eastbound. You're 17 admires well, the reported crash in Hyattsville University Boulevard New Rigs Road. We've got a reported crash lots of damage done with yesterday's storms. He will find Sixes Road down in Solomon's Island, Your Grays Road closed due to a down tree and pole across the roadway, Main Street, 7 65 and Prince Frederick between Calvert Town Road route for Parker's Creek over its banks flooded out roadway blocked same. Lower Barbara Road near Mill Branch Road, You'll find Plum Point Road West, Wilson wrote at Prince Frederick, a plum Point Creek over its banks. Roadway closed. Also Charles County Pomfret Road near between Phillips Rodent Livingston Road closed due to flooding, Brandywine wrote his black north of Prince Frederick Road over Swanson Creek again because of flooding. Same situation. Mechanicsville on six Newmarket Turner Road. North of three knots. Road and on Point Lookout Road between 2 38 Good Rick Lane. You've kind flooding on the roads blocked three notch road South bound lane blocked between Charlotte Haul Road Thompson Corner Road Traffic had been alternating self alternating if you will, using the North bound lanes to weigh operations in this stretch. Careful as you ride in the district we've had word of an accident was on South bound South Capitol Street before Overlook Avenue. Apparently, the light pole was down from the previous crash left Lane had been getting by you'll find in Virginia. We did flooded conditions on the North Bound G W Parkway under the memorial Bridge. Just be very careful as you roll through. Don't Don't try not Don't try to do anything crazy at this point, but just hoping some of that water will pull back Yates, Ford Road Western 12 Oaks Drive. A downed tree inside the Beltway, 66 headed west after Glebe Road. There's work in the right lane, but not causing a delay east on 66. You're good at a Gainesville getting a little bit slower. Now is you passed 50. Headed out toward 1 23 and you're 95 3 95 Slow down between found with of the 14th only Dale City to Woodbridge, You're slow coming out of dumb freeze riding toward the Prince William Parkway on the rails. Mark Camden Trains, 8 42 and 8 43 were canceled with mechanical issues. Followed by trains a 40 48 45 to accommodate those passengers and on V ery Manassas line. Train 3 28 has a 30 minute delay from earlier mechanical issues. Your thirst for something We know Get a 49 cent big gulp. Drink or a dollar Any size coffee with seven rewards at 7 11 7 11 Always open offer Good through 91 20 at participating US 7 11 stores. See APP for terms. Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic Lauren Rickets after yesterday morning that sunshine looks especially great today. Yes, it does. It is a beautiful day today temperatures. Not too bad right now.

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