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This is the global news podcast from the BBC World Service. Hello. I'm all of a Conway, and we're recording this at thirteen hours GMT on Wednesday. The first of August, our main stories, the ruling Zanu PF has won a two-thirds majority in parliament in the election in Zimbabwe. But e you observers have criticized the conduct of the vote, a hero's, welcome in Kinshasa for the former Congolese militia leader. Jean Pierre Bemba after ten years in jail in the Hague and there will always stay there and he'll never ever get a judgment or the punished. Ever be Justice for the thousands of activists who disappeared in Syrian detention. Also in the podcast, this is a solemn reminder. That our work is not complete until all have been accounted for. The remains of American soldiers taken home more than sixty years after the Korean war and how a stranded Russian was rescued off a week on a mountain in Pakistan. Two days off the Zimbabwean election. The official results have been announced for the parliamentary poll giving the ruling Zanu PF a two-thirds majority, however, the outcome of the presidential race thought to be a close battle between Robert Mugabe success. Amazon mnangagwa's and MDC leader. Nelson Chamisa has still not been declared, even though those votes were counted. I, the opposition has said there's Imbaba we electoral commission is buying time to rig the poll while e you observers, say the delay raises questions about the credibility of the election. Nobody noisier is from the European parliament, clear and conclusive results must be announced within the electoral deadline and chewing transparency, and traceability of counting with strength and confidence in this step, does this critical and Imbaba electoral commission should be fully transparent instable. Nation and puplic -ation of results. MDC politician, Douglas Moore Zora says the odds were already stacked against the opposition because the ruling party has such a tight grip on rural areas for aid has been used in rural areas as a political weapon is an enticement for the voters. It is easier to intimidate what does in the rural areas because of the passing of the settlements people feel isolated every time. So intimidation is easier in rural areas, Douglas Mwonzora of the MDC correspondent. Andrew Harding is in Harare and shortly before we came into the studio, he told me about a scuffle that had taken place outside the building where the count was happening. The have been some MDC supporters moving around town pretty small group. But yes, it's a sign of the growing frustration here, which we're now picking up from diplomats from observers from the international teams monitoring this election as the us chief observer said, look at the counting stage. The polling individual polling stations. It was the presidential vote that was counted. I we know that. So how come the parliamentary results already being announced, but the presidential vote has not yet been, of course, officially the thirties here have until Saturday to announce that result. But it's, let's say there's a trust deficit here and every hour that goes passed without news, people are starting to worry that behind the scenes, Zack who's integrity and biases. Being questioned by the international observers here concerns that they may be helping to cook the books, particularly if the presidential result as we're hearing could be very close possibly within a margin of error because of course they need fifty percent avoid a run off and I guess president Emmerson Mnangagwa would be to avoid that. Exactly. I think if this came to a runoff, then all bets are often. It's quite possible. The opposition could take this and. And so the concern and this is purely an allegation that we're hearing off the record by and large from observers and diplomats. Here is that there may be an attempt to massage the figures at the Zach self, the electoral commission in these hours. And because as I say, this history of fraudulent elections, no-one is resting easy.

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