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And patterns between all these people aberdeen's yet engine of franklin leonard vinci steve jobs right right there the pattern is the not just smart people because on your show you've probably had old so many smart people and often they don't amount to much it what matters is being a creative and imaginative person so what makes somebody imaginative and one of the themes i've tried to explore is if you or interested in many different disciplined you begin to see patterns leonardo's famous favorite was the spiral he loved how water spiraled hair spiralled when spiral they did a little bit of the math of the spire so whether it's a monal lisa or his dissection of the heart valve showing how the spiralling of the blood opens the heart valve leonardo's understanding of patterns like spirals you know helps make him creative in different fields we're seeing that a paramount and when the race to adapt your book for found it's being announced that another leonardo dicaprio you will be a produces well staring the biopic hey fianna by these days lie they i'd be great i know nothing about hollywood i only know would have reading the papers i do feel so i have no idea how they are proceeding i do feel that leonardo dicaprio um is somebody cares about nature cares about the environment cares about science he like leonardo da vinci of course was love theater i mean leonardo da vinci spent a lot of his time as a theatre producer and leonardo dicaprio also loves art i saw some with anyone saw salvador monday before it was sold so i can't think of any body he'd be much better at adapting the life of leonardo da vinci what's it like senior research onscreen it sometimes uncomfortable i don't yeah i mean both steve jobs albert einstein ben franklin even i did a book years ago on henry kissinger it's been adapted onscreen and when i say i don't know hollywood or understand.

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