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He goes just remember that and I said Bill. I'm all in God. Gets you know it was Kinda like in the more cowbell skit when you know They say you know where you get a lot of gold records in fact what does that mean. What does that mean absolutely? I love that I love that the more you can do Damore you. In fact I've been trying to tell my guys Scott guys the same exact thing now for years. Not Quite like that. But that's exactly what I've been trying to say to Mike. Did you take that to heart when he told you that absolutely because as I process it what it meant to me says? Hey listen either. You're in or you're not and if you're in you know you're GonNa see what I'm going to reward you with not going to be financial every time you do a job. Well I'm GonNa give you more work right and each time you get more work. It becomes more responsibility. You'RE GONNA grow you'RE GONNA learn and that's what he meant in that moment and Jim you know. I'm I'm this young mid twenties guy with all I WANNA do is working learn and he looks at me says and by the way I found out how much money he goes and I said you know I told him I mean he was owned by the way I can only pay sixteen grand and this is nineteen. Ninety-two this is. This is a nineteen you know. Nineteen seventy and I just and I didn't flinch. I'm like okay. Let's go and he just smiled and From that moment on he had me doing stuff in Scouting. He had me stuff doing quality control. I was doing stuff mostly in scouting but a little stuff here and they're helping coaching. Because I had been a coach part of that and it was great because I was getting this cross training because there are different skills and you know. Not all coaches are good evaluators and not all good evaluators can coach. There are different skills now. Everyone has to no football and no football players but there is nuance in the two jobs. And I found out quickly that I was better in the evaluation part than I was the coaching. I was going to say Scott who who determined that I did you order. Belic realized that you were more effective evaluating than coaching. Now Jim Honestly. I think I started to realize that when I was still coaching Murray State. Because here's what I knew. I was good at I knew that I was good day to day with the players. I could coach. I knew technique I knew fundamentals. I knew schemes and I teach those things all day long to the kids. I could motivate kids. I could motivate the players and I could also recruit very well in terms of recruiting. I could evaluate well to recruit good players. One time one of things I realized Jim was when he came to game plan day and I had to give significant input into gain planning and or have an idea during the game strategically what was a good play. Call Jim I was terrible at it. I was terrible at it and and and I felt like I was useless to the staff in that sense now. Everyone has a role. Everyone has a job I that but so was I got to the NFL. I really understood that I was better. Evaluator I was better at seeing big picture things. I was better at reading people than I was. Xs AND OS and again game planning and calling play so I realized that on my own and then what? I didn't realize I got to the NFL that entire job in life that you can have that has to do with evaluating players and that's that was a home run for me seems to me it's got you evaluated yourself and you made that decision and then you found that whole life and then of course you're working and you're growing and you're grinding and you're learning and then in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine you get married and your wife's father is none other than bill parcells but it just happens right it just so happens. The bell checks situation with the jets blows up at the end of that same year so he goes to the PATS. He sends a fax to Your father-in-law saying he wants to bring you with him. I mean Scott. Are you kidding me about that family versus your guy? What was that like? How do you process that Additionally was really difficult because it wasn't supposed to work out that way right bill and I had talked as friends When we were working together even after the Cleveland thing had had gone away. I went to the Ravens and then we spent three years together at the jets offices right next to each other and we always talked about. We always talked about what if right retired. Talked about philosophy team building of player evaluation. A big what it would look like and what it could look like an inside you know. Bill was never wanted to talk about the future too much and to speculate in project but we there was this conversation that hey if it ever happens boy it would be. We would be a good team now. It wasn't supposed four thousand this way. Jim took ballot. Check resigned the day. After by the time you know the the crafts and Belichick and parcels and the jets and they will get done fighting the Bella check you know becomes the head coach of the Patriots. I if it was supposed to be billing I going somewhere with with some other people. Under these circumstances I was no longer sure but sure enough within a couple of hours of that deal getting done. Bella truck sent a fax over the poor sales and I found out that night when I got home and My wife answered the phone and it was her dad and I kind of heard how she was talking to Stewart. Dad and I picked up the phone and I got an earful Because you know what's going on here and I truthfully and truly did not know because things have gotten so ugly that bill and I had to separate from conversations for a few days and sure enough. Bill had asked for permission. And I'll say this I to this day. I'm so thankful and grateful to A number of people involved in that initial mess starting with with parcells because he He was under contract. He could have made life very difficult. He understood he was angry at bill. They were not friends at that point in time they were friends that were in a fight. I guess and he. He told me that I could do what I wanted but I respond by telling him I'm going to do you want me to do. And you know that. I'm not going to disrespect him or the situation or family allegiances and he took a deep breath and told me he said you know what? That's a better job. That's your guy And it's it's a better job with more more upside. You know you're going to be doing more than just being the pro personnel director like you are here at the jets and he compartmentalized his Frustration anger the battle that he was in to help me do the right thing because it was a good career. Move for me You know but it was also a little bit awkward gap and remember when I arrive. You know the crafts realized that. Okay you know bill and I are boys but oh by the way. Robert Kraft sees me as parcells son-in-law even though that you know my wife I hadn't even been married a year. There's been a matter of months so I'm telling you Jim I will never write a book but man there's a story there really is amazing. Scott and I understand that you can only go so far into coin share so much but I'm so fascinated by both of these brilliant football men parcells and Belichick two of the best ever do it very different guys but if anybody can speak to it you can like. How were they similar? And how are they? Different I I would say that the the most what is most similar are they love the game of football. They love the game. They loved the history. They love football in its purest And most basic elements. They are football. Guys they love the game and they respect the game and that sound like Oh. Yeah everybody does and I'll tell you that's not true. Not everyone in the game of football or in the business of football truly loves and RESPECTS THE GAME. They respect people that came before them so that puts them at a level of of why they got along both. They're both exceedingly. I don't like the Word Jeans. But they are brilliant. They are though people it in their in their in their work area. They aren't they. They're and they're brilliant and they're They're competitive. They're they're They they're also similar in the sense that the people that you see on a day to day basic and a basic sense in the public eye they are different people away from the spotlight and away from the football life In very different people than what the public sees and I mean that in a good way yeah there and again they're different different personalities like different things but they're not Hey you know what Jim. I hope this. Is You know inappropriate. But I'm sure that the person that Jim Rome is that everyone here is in season listens to is a different person in your private life and I think sometimes people forget that people in the public spotlight or human beings to and There's a job to do sometimes and sometimes when you have a job to do you have to make yeah. He put in some difficult circumstances. I think that's fair. I would respond to that. Scott by saying that you know this is somebody that if you're not truly authentic in what I do and to a certain extent with what you do right now on the other side of the media then it would not work. I never have had the run of the career I've had if I were not authentic but at the same time while I say what I mean and I mean what I say I think about what I say before I say it I do understand and I figured this out early on do as a show element to this so I do not go home and talk smack to my wife and my kids and rant and rave at home all day long but but I am I am what I appear and what you see is what you get but yes. There is a show element to this absolutely Jim. And maybe too corny. Because I noticed this. Show that everyone's listening to Jim. You and I met a hundred years ago and I saw you on air and then I talked to you off air. We had a conversation and that was one of those moments. I'm like I understand right. There's an entertainment value just and sometimes it's entertainment but it's also you have to motivate people to get in a in a certain direction just like coaches do and already get a certain response or an action or a reaction so But you're right I I don't ever know you as having not been authentic so that that's the part of them to that. I think there's a private side of them That is that is very very likeable and and not. Everyone gets to see that I get that. I don't know exactly what it is. Because I don't see that Sabra. I know exactly what you're talking about Scott. We've got a few moments before you go and then you've got some other business. Let me ask about Tom Brady. It seems to me. Correct me if I'm wrong..

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