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As many of you who are familiar with the chapman story no the families adopted three precious girls from china which was the catalyst for the creation of a nonprofit organization that is served many thousands of adoptive families through grants and care services i'm honored to have this opportunity to share with you a very special interview i did was steven curtis his lovely wife mary beth chapman and their biological daughter emilie their stories both beautiful and painful and filled with all the ups and downs that many adoptive families experience throughout their journeys parents remember don't is download episodes click subscribe when you do that you're joining my parenting revolution and every new episode automatically show up in your subscribed list and we'd love for you to write us review on i tuned let us know we think also not only are we on i tuned but the parenting great kids podcast is also available in the google playstore and on stitcher so no matter where you get your podcasts subscribed today and don't miss a single episode friends it things like we can't get through a news cycle without hearing another tragic story about a victim of bullying a child whose vida taunted online porn worst case scenario has he committed suicide because he can't take the pain anymore bullying is more than a problem it's an epidemic taking a toll on an entire generation something that used to be limited to the school yard in the cafeteria is now possible to do anywhere any time its technology.

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