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No less than ten scoring chance stops he comes out to dependent at you are right in the second Calvin Baker. It'll be in the goal to our lot. The to do a Todd Richards talked about which is older together in front of Louis debate said they have to be a much better team to start the second period than they were in the first. And he said it Louis deeming was phenomenal in that first period. He did a great job at kind of tracking down the puck and Philly so dangerous. They just kept putting on that. They were getting there and Louis deeming doing a nice job to kind of stay poised and in control on the net in in really defend well against some of those great chances connect he had a really nice chance in front. Van rims day had a really good call really close chanson front as well. So the lightning when they're using their speed, and they're kind of disrupting the play in the neutral zone and trans. It up the ice is kind of win. They're at their best. They can get some momentum from their four check. And sometimes we see this the lady of not how to period the coaches liking. He'll begin the next period with the fourth line Callahan pocket and Ernie or out to start the second try and set the tone. They were really good in the first as well. They had a couple of really strong shifts played physical Adam Ernie continuing to do really well along the wall and kind of create and set up the offense for them. Ryan callahan. Had some really nice looks as well. And some nice little just a little thing that he also is one of those players that do do the little things, right? Especially in transition. Whether it's getting stuck on stick on a tip pass. And just trying to disrupt the flow of the other teams offense. There is that game. The lady had in Ottowa the beginning of the month where they did not have a good first period. And we're down to nothing at the start of the second. John Cooper sent the packet line of pocket scored the opening shift which obviously was important. It was great. But it set the tone for really the rest of the game the lightning dominated the rest of that game and ended up winning four three in overtime. That's exactly how this is gonna unfold. That's his thinking behind putting out kind of a a meat potatoes. Lied to start a period. All right, Mark Kennedy Patrick at center ice. It's one for Adam Ernie Jetson in San hive is checked by Ernie. Calia by the foulland to the left corner segments for Ernie left corner. Bernie over skeets the puck but pocket does it got checked to the ice and raccoon Buddhists emerged with it. Pivoting bind the Philadelphia net loss to pocket. But fortunately for Philadelphia. It's still came out Lindblom lighting zone and Borchet right circle. Ranaldo poke mcdonagh, and here's Ernie sweeping it out to center ice nicely blocked by Gutis for Lindblom. He rattled CD aunt beyond the red line. They don't call icing on this though, they wave it off opening minute in the second, no score. Mcdonagh up the middle for Sarah Lian, Mississippi gets it back. And they said that he was offside. So when he touched it, they blew it. Debit only he knew that it was odd side the face of is going to come all the way back to the lightning in now. His reaction. You could definitely he's caught off guard a little bit by the whistle. But he made a nice little play from his backhand forehand. To try to get a chance ended up toppling over a little bit trying to figure out what the whistle was four. But. Face will come back into the lightning in. Wheel and Sara Lee. Left. One by Sara Lee, Edmund by the data's tech by Wayne Simmons trying to get away battling heart steals. It left circle et cetera. Pass is going to Andrew McDonald penalty coming up in the lightning. Puck is moved to Jordan. All right circle. The right circle. It's van reinstate Kelly penalty upcoming lady. Gossip spare? Swings to Jerusalem left circle feel corner. Wheel centers at it. Skip through accords going to touch this. So the defensive zone face Sara.

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