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We are trying to do these this big board from the giants point of view. So if the giants drifting away running back it should be late in the draft. And most of these top guys shouldn't be in consideration. I actually my two favorite running backs in this class are single Terry. Daryl Henderson, just because they both are just absolute pinballs. Both of them are almost impossible to bring down they squirt through holes. They shouldn't be able to get through. They bounce off tacklers left right and center, and they're just a lot of fun to watch. I have mile Sanders injustice hill up pretty high. Because I believe they both have just the physical traits to be. Good productive pretty much every down runners in the NFL. This is not an ethnic running back class. But those two are probably the two best athletes in the class. Then my bottom five or Damian Harris from Alabama David Montgomery, who I could I wouldn't hate higher because his contact balance is just off the charts. Rodney Anderson Avoca Homa leisha Holyfield out of Georgia. And then finally finally Benny Snell out of Kentucky, I mostly just focused on guys who if they're not going to be well rounded running backs at least give you one thing and with Montgomery deaths contact balance with Holyfield in Snell. That's just their ability to punch at defense. They are very violent runners. So that's pretty much where I am with my running back board. Yeah. That makes sense. I think I focused more on contributions in the past game which few have heard talk about offense at all. Should not surprise you. I think the interesting year is of our ten I think we have for each that are not on each other's boards. My running back to Trayvon Williams is not in your top ten. So I think that's just kind of interesting to go forward. But again running back not really position of interest for the giants, which is what most of you are listening for. So what's move to a position debt might be of some interest that is wide receiver. So I'll run down my top ten Akeem Butler is wide receiver one decay Metcalf at two JJ are Sega Whiteside from Stanford at three Emmanuel hall from zuri at four marquees Brown from Oklahoma five AJ Brown from old miss at six. Andy is a Bill of UMass at seven Nikki. He'll Harry from Arizona state at eight Terry MC Warren from Ohio State at nine and Gary Jennings from West Virginia at ten Chris. Why let's let's dig into us. Yeah. My top five decay Metcalf at one and kill Harry to AJ Brown. Three JJ or Siga Whiteside or and Hakeem Butler five I mostly have keen Butler down that are because of just the consistency of his hands..

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