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Gets out he escapes i think gets out and then clinton was president when i wrote this he gets out somehow it gets to like clinton that this town is like holding people hostage basically own constitutionally and so's springfield gets invaded and years was one hundred and eighty pages long no i think it was like appropriately we'll link yeah i think so actually a different life where i wrote for the seventy show that seventy show when you wrote for the simpsons and we like ate lunch together on the fox lot can i that'd be pretty cool you know can i tell you something though sure i would i prefer this oh yeah yes i prefer what we do as someone who's never written for the simpsons prefer this humana i've been to the writer's room before i know what it looks like a chain them to the desk i like we'd get those you don't have to live in la yeah i like la i've noticed a lot of our friends from new york starting to move to la of you notice that it's like a hemorrhaging all right should we get back to diabetes we should probably just add it all that out no i think that's a nice tangent okay all right so in the case of diabetes like we said it is well we already said what it was but there are three types type one type to ingest ational diabetes type one is by far the in the minority it's it says here five to ten percent but i saw like kind of a straight up five percent number for the number of diabetes cases overall okay but they say five to ten percent in this article or it's called juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes and this is caused by a lack of insulin either not much insulin or sometimes no insulin at all in their blood and this is this is clearly genetic right it says an also could be environmental but yeah they think it's possible possible that it's caused by virus exposure to virus early in childhood interest egg that sets off an auto immune reaction so your immune system attacks your beta cells that produce insulin some just destroys them yeah and so you don't produce insulin and it happens in your younger years maybe adolescence which is why it's called juvenile diabetes and you when you have type one.

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