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Sock. We start with you. I'm going to defer. My bless their little hearts, go with you first. So who you got my bless their little heart. We spent a lot of time talking about it today. Pittsburgh Steelers fans, oh boy for what seems like an eternity. They have relished in existence of security and continuity. Constant relevance outside of outside of the patriots. The Steelers are always in the discussion you've got to think of how long the page or the Steelers have had guys guys like Allen fan IKA. Joey porter Brett Kiesel Hines ward. Casey Hampton, James ferry. All these these guys that there are these stable foundational teammates that you've come to define that have come to define Steelers and the Steelers brand hundred percent, and now we are watching a steeler's drama unfold that is like perfect for reality TV. What is it the Jesse James said, it's like we're the Kardashians of the NFL like like think of all the love the layers of this function that they're dealing with right now between Ben Rothlisberger being called a every year. It's going to be is he gonna play am. I going to retire might not gonna retire. Ben Rothlisberger saying things. Well, maybe I should retire. Maybe I should be benched. Latvian bell sat out the entire season. He would rather sit out then get paid fourteen and a half million dollars just out of like out of sheer spite and then Antonio Brown who is who is like the quintessential wide receiver. Who's who's you know, don't be kicking defenders as he runs down the field. But now, he's you know, he's beaten up Gatorade containers. And he's given strange cryptic messages on elliptical machines. Breathing. Heavy don't know what's going on on bell was laying out contract demands. In a rap song last summer. It's crazy bless your heart. Steelers fans. Your run of stability has come to an end, you know, when you look at this week in particular between the Steelers stories with Antonio Brown, and what happened with Robert Kraft late in the week. You're right. Two of the teams that we always talk about having their stuff together. So to speak to the teams that are seen as the top of the mountain. It's the Steelers and the patriots going through some interesting stuff this week for sure my bless their little hearts. The NBA referees. They had a really rough week. Ben, it started with ESPN a big expose on Tim Donigi. And how he fixed games? It was an interesting read it was a long read. But very interesting then there was the national televised bucks Celtics game on TNT Thursday night. And if you look at that last two minute report thing that the NBA does I still don't know why they do that. It just pretty much tells us how many times NBA rest screwed up. But the last two minute report for that. Buck Celtics game. There was not one not two not three but four big time errors over the final three point seven seconds of that game. We're not talking about the final two minutes. Four gigantic missed calls in the final three point seven seconds in that game. Then you had James harden of viscera Scott foster on Thursday night as well because of Foster's calls that he made in some that. He did not make foster was also a big part of that Donigi story. Let's not. Forget that foster was also the person that Kevin McHale called a bleep head in a hot microphone on TNT that actually happened. So just a bad week for the NBA refs. And the question for me. Is wider referee's not have any kind of responsibility or accountability. And this is not just in the NBA. It's in the NBA. It's a major league baseball. It's also with the NFL these head referees. The the head ups officials they talked to a pool reporter or a couple of reporters, and that's it. They never have to sit in front of the cameras. They never have to talk into microphones. They never have to take any kind of responsibility for stepping in the middle of a game in sometimes ruining it. And I think it would be best if the league's actually allowed these officials to say what happened in not always defend a bad call. But at least tell us why that call was made. Instead, it's it's just kind of glanced over and we've got to move on while officiating continues to be incredibly mediocre the bigger question for me is who.

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