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As the lever connector are in pretty good shape up to the north up around the 1 28 and sees some slowdowns coming out of that reading stretching into Woburn. That could be a crew. Pre treating the roadways for tonight's ice were expected to get this report is sponsored by the Buck Sexton Show Podcast, The Buck Sexton podcast found in the I. Heart radio APP and Apple podcast. Please tune in every day for the latest on politics, National Security and Culture from a former CIA officer's perspective. The Buck Sexton podcast. Listen, wherever you listen to podcasts, Kevin Brennan, WBC's traffic on the threes and now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Here's AccuWeather, meteorologist in divorce, The weather advisories for the city and Greater Boston going to affect this evening continue into tomorrow morning. Go. Just some light showers of wintry mix of so sleet and rain. It's after this evening the heavier precipitation tonight into tomorrow, even in the city. I think it's kind of a mix over to some rain coastal areas to go of the ring quickly. The farther north and west you go from the city tonight into tomorrow morning, the ice here will be and there could be some significant ice as you get out past 4 95 towards southern New Hampshire now towards Twister Hills. Another storm on the way Thursday and Friday. That looks like a snowy start. But it looks like it goes over again later in the afternoon and into Friday, we could see some rain of the coast. Things will be sorted out day by day. Keep attract and keep it long time. Thank you with meteorologist Tina Board WBZ Boston's news radio Right now, some light freezing rain and some flurries as well. 33 degrees and writing and Chelsea 31 in Manchester, New Hampshire, 35 in Weymouth and 33 in Boston. It's 12 55, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they are expecting another.

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