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Back at critics Disney owned cable outlet free form has been under the gun from critics who disagree with the idea of casting a black woman in the lead role of an upcoming version of The Little Mermaid free form is making the discussion of free fall it has been ripping its critics who have taken to social media with the hashtag not my Ariel protester casting of Holly Bailey as the title character the network says Danish mermaids can be black because Danish people can be almost quills Gabriel to the bees of been dying in large numbers across Russia officials there raising the alarm the Russian agricultural ministry said the dance this year I've been in at least seven regions mostly from Kelis and extensive use of pesticides at nearby fields Russian media spoke to one fama outside Moscow who said he had lost one hundred thousand bees in the past week the ministry said that the mass deaths recorded from western Russia to Siberia I've had a substantial financial impact on beekeeping in Russia fighting for obamacare I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute defenders of the affordable Care Act were in court today in Louisiana asking the judges to decide that the act is still valid even though Congress eliminated the tax on people who don't buy insurance that change let a Texas judge to say the law was invalid this is democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer worried about what would come next laughable when president trump claims that the party of healthcare what a loose what a disgrace middle class Joe is it middle class anymore presidential candidate Joe Biden's reported his earnings he made more than fifteen million dollars since leaving the White House a carbon monoxide leak at a Canadian hotel in Winnipeg isn't forty six people to the hospital here's your chance to look like a superhero name.

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