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They gave up four touchdowns. You do percentages in the live chat. I'll take that one hundred percent of time. Let me scroll down more in the live chat to see if you guys have any thoughts, so let me pose this question to you guys and just give me your answer, just type the name in the live chat. Who is the better corner, Steven, Nelson or Joe? Haden now in terms of the ranking of the cornerbacks hating one. Steve Nelson too. I'M GONNA GO CAM Sutton. Three and I'm going to go Mike Hilton Four. I'm not even just laying those guys. You know. They don't really play I. Think the weak link at the quarterback position is Mike Hilton when you watch. Mike Hill known film? Mike Hilton getting toasted all the time. Like some roasted almonds, his nickname, she'd be roasted almonds. He's okay and coverage. He's a box player more. He's better as edge rusher with cat blitzes, you know. You know I sutton to me will be the guy who will be the nickel player moving forward. I think Sutton's veteran coverage. Absolutely veteran coverage is a better player in my opinion so I would rank them as follows hating one Nelson to sutton three. Hilton for and everybody else is to be determined before I jump into the last thing that I want to get into on. This show is who has the best tandem of cornerbacks in the AFC. I want to get your thoughts in terms of who you guys think is the best player. Or the best cornerback for the Pittsburgh. steelers let me jump through. Let me up into your comments. And let me start with Samuel Buffet. He said Yeah Right now. Hatan, because of consistency but Nelson's on him if he does it again. Next year, if keeps it up, I would say Nelson I would agree with you. One Hundred Percent Samuel and I love to. Deal with it, said the following. Isn't this an excellent conversation to be having and Lascher? We before we knew how Nelson workout. Who would have ever thought we'd be discussing are better. Corner is gotTa Love It. That's the point right there when you have to premiere corners. and Pro Football Focus has ranked him the number five best cornerback tandem in the national. Football League when you have a very good secondary. You have the ability to go out and win games, and you couple that with the pass rush. You have a championship defense teams in my opinion win with on offense in the passing game. If you have versatile secondary that can play a variety of coverages including man coverage. You're an excellent secondary. They can do that. This is a secondary that can play against a Kansas City because they can get past rush. And they can cover well enough to give the Pash rush a half, beat or a half second more. To get home to Patrick. Mahomes John Trent set Nelson. If anybody's in the live chat. Can you please tally these up? If Dave Scofield's in the live chat, can you please go through the live chat and tally these up? I WanNa see where you guys are leaning, too. Because I can't tally math. I can't do all that I know. I'm the fabulous five. Oh, but you know I can't do all those things. I hit the G. Unit Year. Cheek you knit. Yakking. Ezra Niemeyer said hating. As her Nehemiah Event said hating then said Hilton. In twenty twenty. I think you'd be in a minority there Ezra and I love the picture of the Capper Nick Seven Jersey. That's absolutely hilarious I. Don't I don't think body would say Hilton Deal with it said that's exactly what I told. Lance before this show, he is correct. It is a great. It is a great problem to have young boy twenty four said Hilton would be better as a safety I would agree. He could a deep middle Jesse or OHS said Nelson one hating to Hilton. Three Sutton four team overall. Jason Matt Lee said Hayden One Nelson to Sutton Three Hilton Four. AM is see is on flowing through the live chat and trying to do this. deal would said. Don't write too long of a comment. We might lose lands altogether. You're absolutely correct. Donald Nolan said male blunt is the best steelers cornerback of all time, is it? I think that is debatable. Thank Rod Woodson. was absolutely great at the position as well both first ballot hall of famers. I think that is arguable I. DO think people would probably air on. male blunt given the fact that they won the Super Bowl I. Think use that as the way to differentiate to Salomon Smith said Joe Haden. Jesse arose at New England had the best duo between Jackson and Gilmore. They were really good. They were really good. I think that's who pro football focus said were the number one Let's see some SAS of its Robert Savage said Nelson, Again Jason Mentally said overall Nelson Sutton in Hilton so I think the steelers are in a very good position. Let me go with which would dave shot again? Big Up to thank you for two dollars and a super chat, Dave. He says Sutton at free safety and making Edmonds in the box. I like making that deep third, but I think they'll do some different things with Minka this year, so he can, they can put him in some more position to get his hands around the football in the utilize those ball skills, so teams can't just really take him out of the game, but if you can isolate. Teams to to really attack a certain part of the field. You can do very well.

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