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Deathblow absolutely Okay to is is pretty good Mattie who invaded Spain in the eighth century. Yeah yeah well here. The Moore's I card says mooks Cart says Mos I for the record to fake Seinfeld. Movies is more than in any other sixth grader in the entire world would be able to name. So that's quite the accomplishment and so matty knows everything about Seinfeld and and then that do you listen. Do you listen to the podcast with your mom. I started as into it with my mom and then I saw you into it by myself. Okay and you even now continue to listen to Robin Akiva need a podcast okay. What do you like better? Do you like Robin Akina. PODCAST or the Seinfeld podcast better. Okay all right. Well you think about that in a Mattie was out in Minnesota with us for the big a couple of day trip this summer for a mini Ren apple as many. Were you at the live. Show that AKIVA did okay and the ice cream tormenting Zad. Yes I re. I remember the famously. Her grandfather it got a banana split after the ice-cream tournament. Yes did you listen to the oral. History of the sleepover podcast last week. Did you feel bad for a Kiva. Okay do you WanNa do you WanNa yell at me or any of the other people that were in the room for that day. No okay you understand you sleepovers you know how it goes actually. She should've told us. Yeah that'd been weird if we invited Mattie to the to the sleepover but we're mattie where should we since since you came with us last summer to Minnesota what's your vote for where Robin Akiba should go this summer. What city so you didn't have to travel That would be an easy one Yeah I vote for that too. I second okay okay. Not so sure and then matty. What's your favorite episode of Robin Akiva? Nita podcast keyboard was in ward of Harry Potter. Okay good okay all right. What was the worst episode of Rob? Makita podcast Paulina. Yes we'll minute. So movies four. Yeah I to shut up Tim podcast. You just mentioned okay all right Mattie do you watch riverdale well okay all right. If you don't start if you start then you should check cout. Mary's PODCASTS. Okay and now and you don't watch survivors. Do you do okay. Did you start because of the listening to this podcast. I saw watching survive with my mom. There I saw your name to the Juan dos and the and the The note okay all right. Are you nervous about this today. Okay don't be nervous. Don't be nervous. We're going to have fun no matter what that you are in school. Will you are practicing learning all this stuff that Akiva in me that we haven't been in school in a long time so we probably forgot on most of the stuff. So don't be nervous. Do you think any of your friends will listen to this podcast. Probably not. Don't tell okay anything you want to set up No I don't know the rules. I'd let's have free America men and explain to US exactly what we're GONNA do today. Awesome yes so we are going to be doing a sort of jeopardy style tournament here between the three of you it. It is true that Robin Akiva will be on the same team however they are not going to get to work together to answer the questions. So you'll still be answering questions individually and Dan taking turns with that and there are five different categories we have here geographies social studies math science English or literature. And the grab bag or as. I'm calling it the lunch box of sort of random others will related Clinton's Austin you guys in this chat. Those are the categories And Math Rob Science. I mean it's story checks out I I feel like I don't know if you know this but math is one of the primary subject learnt. I'm a former teacher Mary. Of course I knew that I was an English teacher. The bureau surprise so there are have here six questions for each of the categories and you will take turns going back and forth answering these questions but you will get to choose the category for your opponent. Matty gets to pick Robin Keita's categories and end at vice versa. The questions one through six are worth different number points based on the difficulty one will be easiest six being the most difficult so okay. We're we'RE GONNA go with one hundred thirty six hundred a couple of quick questions okay. Mary did you make real questions or did you make up ridiculous questions like when you. You hosted this week in survivor history. Earlier this fall. That doesn't sound anything like something I would do. Okay no these are these are real questions. Juliet. Who suggested this podcast sent me? Most of the questions and I added a couple just for a little bit of variety there or to even out the categories. But they are all questions either from Julia or from I asked my sister my mom who are both elementary or middle. School Teacher So they gave me some more questions. They said are typical for the standards of learning. So they should hopefully be They should hopefully be on par with something that ideally Mattie with no okay and then did you secretly give the answers to Mattie because then that would be fun for the podcast listeners if matty gets every question right and you know I get all the questions wrong. Yeah yeah of course okay because aw I only ask that because that actually happened to me that I was on the survivor after show several years ago and then and they brought out a young man to low. Let's see if this young man is smarter than ROB at Questions about survivor and poverty was reading the questions. Everyone's having a like a big laugh that the kid was getting the answers right before poverty even finished the question and that was the the gag then so I am a little bit. Louis is going to happen again today. That hopefully will not happen. Hopefully hopefully we'll still win though. That's I mean that's where my money's what you rooting for Mattie Yeah. He didn't say that I had to be a impartial. Came with the territory. I Dunno the person was was wait. Hold on we need stakes. I think rob yes. Okay the IRA five something that I wanted to. I thought about this. Okay Akiva AKIVA. If we lose we should have to watch cats anyway and it's not even the subject of the podcast we just have to then and then talk about it on the mailbag next week okay. So next week's mailbag is cats. If we lose yeah that's fine but if matty loses than wishing the punishment also okay the hold on. Do you accept that punishment that would you want a key to watch the movie cats. Okay talk about on the pockets. You listen to that or did you see that movie now okay. Do you want to see the movie now. All all of the good press they do other better punishment for Akiva and myself now. Okay all right I would say Mattia watch scam. I don't think that's age appropriate. I'm trying to think what's like age appropriate matty can do Matty do you have any ideas of what you could do. If you lose now How about do you listen to the thirty two fans podcast? Now that that should be the punishment for matty that she has to listen to five thirty fans. Let's give her one about Chester talking about music that the Patriot episode ornament an Alpha. You have to listen to the flag episode of Chester and the world's biggest flag expert ranking every play and borrow more. Yeah I need. I need at least like a twitter. DM Book.

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