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And can miss the fever that might mean COVID Learn more at exigen dot com At 6 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s here at its rob stallworth in the traffic center North on I 95 as you pass the city headed toward the Prince William Parkway then solid leaving lord and headed toward the Springfield interchange the crash is at the split for the beltway and now with a single right lane of three squeezing by the response on scene northbound I 95 as you head toward the Springfield interchange No problems so far on I three 95 eastbound 66 actually the ramp from nutley street to eastbound 66 on the off ramp there we do have one broken down and response is on scene helping out but it's causing a quick merge from nightly street to go eastbound onto 66 for that issue Traveling at this point on the beltway you're clear between Alexandria and maclean with no real issues there no problems on the beltway in Maryland through prince George's county but topside at outer loop delays building approaching and passing New Hampshire avenue off and on toward Georgia avenue with travel lanes open Southbound two 70 seem more lights as your head passed 80 down to and pass one O 9 with travel lanes open If you're traveling on 32 this is eastbound after I 95 getting the first report of a wreck Three O one northbound after three 81 brandy wine road the right lane was blocked for an oversized vehicle uncertain of that is still there not No problems on route 50 going across the bay bridge but delays inside the beltway as you head past two O two headed toward the district inside on the district you're looking pretty good on I two 95 southbound D.C. two 95 delays approaching and passing burrows avenue headed down to and pass east capital street would travel lanes open north down Thursday tunnel watch out for the volume as you head toward New York avenue I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Okay Mike senator has our forecast here in Mike It looks like it's at least a little bit more mild again today Early December as temperatures will be in the 50s to around 60 and.

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