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He collected for the campaign of Democrat listen. Number don't lie then got. Pat, what has what up some valid some. Fairly. Well House, legitimate got. Has All. These absentee ballots can't see. My car full of them. Today at three hundred ballots for Jamal is that is that in a enough because really he could have three hundred ballots for Jamal just because he was knocking on doors, which is called ballad harvesting, which is fine in at least in Minnesota I don't think it's fine but he could just go and get the ballots from people that were you signing them of their own volition. That's not exactly correct. It is fine to collect three ballots. Three hundred. According to Minnesota Law So it is not fine it. It is already illegal. Of course, we've got folks like Marc, Elias that Perkins Kui Election Law Attorney He has led the vote by mail suits have been I believe three dozen lawsuits to get vote by mail. Ballot harvesting. The signature law to get that relaxed. To get everything relaxed to have votes be able to count one two weeks after election day. That's Marc Elias. He's the one who's been suing every state. To make what you're seeing in that video legal, not not the fact that he's purchasing votes. Right to make harvesting three hundred ballots to go door to door like that legal. So. We're it's an uphill fight across the country. In every state, it is an absolute crisis at it all should have been avoided. They've been doing this since March early this year. You'll remember the The moment, the corona virus lockdown started to begin. Guys. Like Marc Elias and the Democratic Party immediately, millions and millions of dollars came out of nowhere and they started these suits all over the country to implement vote by mail. And to change to to relax all these other law. Now vote by mail has never ever been implemented in eight months. March until November. The states that do have it and do a fairly decent job of it. took. Them several years of refinement and lawsuits, refinement and process refinement. And he was trying to do in eight months. They knew from the start. This was going to be a disaster. We now have on camera just how big of a disaster we're going to face November David. David Steinberg investigative reporter covering the news it came out from. Project Veritas this weekend about ballot harvesting fraud in Minnesota. People are risking literally risking their life to bring information out. You're not GonNa see this information in the mainstream media. It's important for you to share these things with your friends who are still undecided or you know or just. Normal people that maybe aren't hearing things. People are not hearing the truth because they're only watching one side or the other. Thank you very much. David appreciated..

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