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The South Korean soldiers who died as well. At the Korean War memorial Luke Luger WTO peers. It's 5 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, here's the in Crawford. Trying to untie the gordian knot on the outer loop of the capitol beltways across from Maryland into Virginia. The work zone itself is actually near exit 44 for one 93. It's Georgetown pike it's at overpass that goes over the top of the capitol beltway that they're trying to demolish to expand everything for the new four 95 next project. That's the premise. Now what we do is go buy a single vial to the left. We had been at a stop for about 20 minutes and that backtrack pick up all the way across the legion bridge back into Maryland. It is still a slow ride after river road exit 39 to get across the legion bridge and into the sovereign Commonwealth. Some people opting to use the service road for exit 43 and 44 for the Georgetown pike and the George Washington memorial Parkway and then trying to ride the ramps at exit 44, problematic at best because of the slow cycling light at the top of that ramp. So pick your poison, it's a slow ride anywhere you go on the outer loop, getting from Bethesda toward fairfax on the rest of the beltway. We're actually in fairly decent shape. On Georgetown pine kale over crash activity has all lanes blocked at Lee mill road and old and ad hoc road, I should say, for crash activity, we've been talking about this for about a half an hour now. It's as bad as we thought it was and apparently we have some wires down too. So this one could be an extended stay and you'll need to work around to get around Georgetown pike near Lee mill wrote and ad hoc road where the lanes are blocked in each direction. On 95 southbound approaching Richmond still working with the diversion to get around the crash activity at exit 82, follow police direction to get around. In Maryland, the earlier crash activity we had kenilworth avenue near the Pepsi plant that has been cleared all traveling to have been reopened and that's a good thing because it was starting to get kind of stuffy and through there. Two ten southbound I believe our crash near Palmer wrote a Livingston road now a thing of the past and on 50 across the bay bridge we're doing it looks like two lanes eastbound two lanes westbound to and from the shore. Our work zone through brookville, 97, Georgia avenue, both directions between Brookfield road and New Hampshire avenue, I believe we are still alternating traffic through that work zone. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Word has it, there's some sunshine ahead for your Saturday, your storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Oh, certainly some sunshine ahead in the sun. It's coming up. Just

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