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Joins us Now, Jim. How are you? Richard Ackerman, Jody McDonald. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on guys. And thanks for promoting my book for me. Absolutely won't want to get ah little more on that before we get off the year. But also you know, you look at this stealer team and not only the 11 and old but they've had two major injuries on defense and, of course, This is the team that's had to have been most inconvenient so far by covert 19. Yeah. Yeah, The inconvenience part is, you know it makes it sketchy. It's a little bumpy right now, but I think they had the right coach for one thing. Who had the right demeanor to beginning of the season regarding all of this, maybe maybe his Ah Preparing them. What's the word? You know when I'm missing it, But a self fulfilling prophecy kept telling him things we're going to get bad. Be ready. Be light on your feet. We're not going to complain and boom. Things got mad and they were light on your feet. And you know, it's Tom A was very irritated Wednesday. And the team played poorly and You would think that he's irritated by the What has happened to them league wide. As you said, the covert thing has has hit them with the scheduling, not hit them, but I think he was more irritated losing. But Dupri and I think you hit on that. They've got a bigger problem Losing Their 2nd 1st round linebacker is, you know defense. It's been the linebackers and we're always the backbone. Whenever it's a great Steelers team. That's a great line back in court. Now they've lost two of them. So Ben listed as questionable getting into the Monday night game. Now that you're there, you're gonna keep it under wraps and make it a game day slashed game time decision, But you're there every day. You want to give us a guess As to whether Ruffles burger is gonna be good to go as it's gonna be really a 50 50 call judgment called right before Game time. How do you see his status for the Game tomorrow night. He's going to play. Um I'm gonna I'm gonna do it this way. I didn't get it from the source. But I know the reporter and I know his source and he's never wrong on injuries, and Jerry do lack is reporting that Ben's going to play he practiced today, so he's gonna play. You know, when it first came out. I thought it was his shoulder because he took a blast in the first series in the last game, and he was nothing with his shoulder. And on the sideline for a couple 23 quarters, and then it looks strong. At the end of the game. His arm did look strong. He was throwing some laser beam so but I was worried it was shorter and the knee has been a problem for a couple weeks now, probably stepping up on him. Talking with Jim Wechsel Steelers Digest.

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