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And I'm Brendan Hazleton Mike Jacques is our producer Top stories we're following for you involve breaking news and accident involving a school bus from meadow school shut down a busy highway in Laurel for about two hours this afternoon and while some of those onboard the bus were taken to the hospital it appears the situation could have been much worse Even after route one 98 opened again the bus remained off the road leaning into some trees on the westbound side of one 98 here in Laurel when it crashed around three 20 p.m. there were 23 people on board All of them were able to climb off the bus by themselves under their own power though afterward four students and two adults including the driver did go to the hospital Police say a second driver also went to the hospital but that everyone involved has non life threatening injuries Now it's too early to say why the crash happened but it's something police and the school system are investigating In Laurel John dome in WTO he news Also breaking tonight and advisory panel endorses Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine for teens and school aged kids The full FDA will consider the panel's advice as it decides whether to authorize the Moderna shot Children in the 6 to 17 age bracket have had the Pfizer COVID shot available since last year The same panel tomorrow will consider both Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines for kids 5 and younger New this evening the house has overwhelmingly voted as the Senate already has to bolster security for Supreme Court Justices and their families That means the bill now heads to President Biden's desk for his signature protests erupted outside the high court and the homes of justices after the leak of a draft opinion indicating the court would overturn roe V wade Last week a California man was arrested outside justice Brett Kavanaugh's Montgomery county home police say called 9-1-1 on himself telling the operator he came to kill Kavanaugh House Republicans say Americans are more concerned about rising inflation and higher gas prices than the January 6th investigation For more on that we take get a Capitol Hill in WTO's Mitchell Miller House Republican whip Steve scalise says Americans have more immediate concerns than what happened on January 6th That's not something you hear American people talking about They want Washington to be focused on the things that are hurting families today and that is inflation gas prices and a border crisis But a member of the January 6th committee Pete Aguilar says it's critical that Americans understand how the former president laid the groundwork for the attack on the capitol Donald Trump was at the center of a coordinated strategy to overturn the results of a free and fair election The panel's hearing for Wednesday has been postponed the next hearing will be held on Thursday On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WT open news President Biden is trying to reassure Americans the economies on the right track Well his approval rating is plunge over inflation worries Inflation is at a more than 40 year high and the president says taming it is his top economic priority Gas is up and food is up which we're going to get down come hell or high water But he notes the economic recovery is strong with a big job growth and healthy unemployment Under my plan for the economy made extraordinary progress Telling a union audience in Philadelphia he's looking to rebuild the economy around workers trying to draw a contrast with Republicans who have increasingly drawn blue collar voters But the GOP is blaming him and Democrats for high prices with what Tennessee's Diana harsh burger calls irresponsible and expensive policies Biden administration has cared more about going woke than helping Americans who were going broke Sagar Meghani Washington Keep it here on WTO of course we have your traffic and weather next and then early voting is underway for next week's D.C. primary So how's the turnout been We will let you know 6 36 Hey amigos Becky G here to let you know that if you want it all just like I do there's a new way.

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