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People but we're getting closer to the point where the government has to decide is this going to be a norway style soft brexit uh which will make a lot of people who are concerned about sovereignty him aboard is in control very unhappy might be good for business or is this going to be at a very difficult prolonged drawn out bespoke trade deal which might be better for britain in the longrun intend yet time but will be very detrimental to the economy before that you have to choose and you have to be honest about choosing and say whatever option we take it's going to have downsides but we believe it the right way to go she won't do that's a maybe after these cabinet meetings this week she's going to have to choose and i think we all know which one she's gonna choose not the cabinet meetings that the reason why i see boris johnson's face looming out front of unease by eateries into seaports nelson just likes being in these fifa the the contra this is a an interview with tim chapman in the sunday times the contrast could not be a greater a was like optimism and publicly an glass halffull or come into play here on the injuries actually mostly about russia because the foreign secretary is going to become the first british foreign secretary to visit russia next week a and he's talking about lots in his vision for for the wall that really he's talking about brexit and um just missed a warning hey if you're sick of boris he is planning another big project where he's going to set are his liberal vision for brexit 'cause he doesn't believe the government is is doing that so you can expect that land probably the most inconvenient moment for theresa may should makes would argue that being foreign secretary old to be so bigger job particularly for example the time attention with russia on a british citizen locked in a jail in iran and possibly for longer than she was meant to be because of boris johnson that that really is a big enough job that you don't have time to go waiting into other people's areas well i think what we've seen with boris johnson is that he perhaps feels like he's not enough of a job because the lots of the foreign secretaries traditional jokes have been taken by either david davis the breakfast.

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